Anyone Have PCOS

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Shae - March 4

Hi, I am new to this:) I have pcos (polocystic ovarian syndrome) and my husband and I are trying to concieve. With PCOS women usually don't have regular periods and some women don't ovulate. I don't mean to be gross but for almost a week I have a clear, watery discharge? My nipples are so sore I can't touch them? I have experienced some heartburn, nothing major. I took a cheap test this morning and it said neg. I was just wondering if any of my symptoms are normal. Also, I have been sleeping all day for the past 3-4 days, i don't even have the energy to leave my house? Can someone please help me:) Shae


Lauren - March 4

Hi Shae, I have PCOS too. Do you think you could be pregnant? You do have some of the early signs. PCOS can bring fatigue with it, I get that alot, but it doesn't affect discharge or cause heartburn, or at least not to my knowledge. I'm lucky in the sense that my periods are regular, every 28 days, and I don't have any of the other symptoms, apart from scant ovulation. My gyno told me to ttc for 9-12 months before going back to start clomid. How long have you been trying for? I've heard wonderful things about the treatment, they only give you it for 6 months because the majority conceive within 3. Fingers crossed for you hun and lots of baby dust x


Kelly K - March 7

I have PCOS as well and I'm now 6 weeks PG. I found out last week. My last doctor told me that there was a slim chance that I'd ever get pregnant and boom... SURPRISE!!! I started out with cramping, sore b___sts, and a light discharge as well. It lasted for about a week so I took a Clear Blue Easy (avoid this one) and it was negative. 3 weeks later when I finally took another test, it was positive. Take a First Response.. they seem to be the best.


lyn - March 7

I think that I may have PCOS. I wnet off BC in December and have been sprouting cysts ever since. It is quite painful - My right side (front and back) and haurt constantly for the past week and a half. I have a regular cycle, but I don't know if I am ovulating. I also have no other symptoms of PCOS except for the pain - lots of cysts growing and can't get pg. Can anyone help? I go back to the gyn on the 30th to check the sixe or if any more have grown. I am scared...


bump - March 7




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