Anyone Having Sharp Little Twinges On Right Side

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Kristina - January 29

I constantly feel something on my right side and occasionally, I feel little twinges. AF is not due until Feb 2. What could this be? We are trying to conceive and I ovulated on Jan 19th. We BD'd on the 16th and 23rd. ?????


QLD - January 29

Kristina, i am not sure what this is, however i have the same thing.. not due for AF until Feb 8... Hope someone can shed some light though..


Kristina - January 29

QLD - do you know when you ovulated?


QLD - January 29

I ovulated on the 25th Jan


QLD - January 29

The pains aren't bad or constant they come and go but often... every 15 to 30 minutes.. very strange.. not like AF cramps... what about you?


Kristina - January 29

I have been feeling the twinges for about a week or a week and a half. But today, they have been a little sharper. I am also very bloated and ga__sy. But, not really and weight gain. My nipples were very sensitive after ovulating, but are fine now. What other symptoms do you have?


QLD - January 29

Really tired can't seem to stay awake, also bloated and ga__sy.... actually feel pretty c___ppy


Kristina - January 29

Sounds like you are having some of the early symptoms! I hope that you have some good news in about a week! I have not been tired, but a little emotional. When did you BD? (If you dont mind me asking)


chanice - January 29

I have the same feelings going on ovulated on 21 bd on 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27 hopefully tonight too .just tested neg may have been to early for me not due for af unti 4 or 5 .What do u think ? Help


bump - January 31



Karen - February 1

I keep getting twinges too on my right side, not painful but i can feel them. My af is due on 5th. Isn't it strange we're all getting them on our right sides?


Shelley - February 3

Kristina, did you miss your AF?


Christina - February 3

Kristina Did you miss your period????


Kristina - February 3

I dont think I missed AF... I started AF 11 DPO and it has been very light - pink and brown, but also red blood. No clots. I have no idea what is going on. I have basincally ruled out being pregnant in my head for now. ???? I am now on day 5 and barely spotting. It usually lasts 7 days.


Kristina - February 4

AF is gone - if that was AF... no more little twinges, but some ga__sy and indigestion. Anyone else feeling this?


Wendy - February 4

I had exactly the same thing.. and found out PREGNANT TODAY!!!!! so hope this a sign for you girls... i had twinges mainly on my right side at about 7dpo and still have them slightly... AF was due yesterday didn't come.. did 2 tests and both BFP... so good luck to you all>>>> and thank you all for your help and guidence.. this forum is great


Kristina - February 4

Congrats Wendy! How many DPO were you when you tested?



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