Anyone Heard Of Using A Sterile Cup And Syringe To Get Pg

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faith2 - June 27

I read about a man who had dysfunctional erectile because of diabetes. He used a sterile cup to ejaculate. His wife used a needless syringe to put the sperm in her va___a. I've never heard of this but I guess it works... they have 2 children. Is this suppose to be a cheaper alternative to an IUI? Has anyone else heard of this and did their doctor recommended it?


Lin - June 27

I knew some lesbians that used a friend's donation and a turkey baster. So long as it's fresh, there's no reason to a__sume it wouldn't be just as good as actually doing the deed.


slowpoke01 - June 28

it is just artificial insemination at home not like iui since iui they put sperm in uterus this just goes like to your cervix just like if you were having s_x the success rate isnt much different than actually "doing the deed" is what i have read on the net but with someone who had ED it may be better because they amy not be able to keep erection when having intercourse so whatever works all it is is artificial insemination without going to the doctor to have it done


Emma2 - June 28

Omg Lin, a turkey baster! I also heard someone whose husnad didnt want a child he ejaculated on her stomach and she ran to the washroom and sucked it up with a needle and injected it and now they have a baby!


Emma2 - June 28

Wait a sec? how come he was able to ejaculate in a cup and not have s_x with his wife? Am i missing something doesn't he need to have an erection to ejac? If so, then why not just do it the regular way?


faith2 - June 28

Wow..I'm amazed at some of these stories. I never thought about artificial insemination at home. Emma2, i guess with ED you can still ejaculate???? I read about that couple on an old post. I have unexplained infertility and we were recommended to try IUI. I did it once and i didn't get pregnant so I was disappointed espcially when it's not a cheap procedure. I've been thinking about trying it again but I hate the thought of wasting a few hundreads if it doesn't work .


Emma2 - June 28

But the wrod is "erectile dysfunction" that means has issues with erections. Basically does someone have an orgasm and ejac when he cant get it up.


Rhonda - June 28

I have no clue.


slowpoke01 - June 28

they can get it up but they just cant keep it up for very long so he could still ejaculate but having s_x he may not have been able to keep it up long enough


faith2 - June 28

slowpoke01 your right. I did a little research and ED doesn't mean that a man can't ejaculate. There are a couple of different variations to ED. Some men can't perform at all and some can for a short period.


LN030905 - June 28

Oh my gosh..there is NO way in heaven I would insert a need into my whooha on my own!!


slowpoke01 - June 28

LN it wouldnt be a needle just a suringe without a needle on it it would pretty much be like using a tampon lol (((faith)))i am glad that i could verify this mystery for you i had just heard from others about ED never had a man that actually experienced it


LN030905 - June 29

Oh my gosh! Im such an airhead! LOL! Blonde moment! I coulda swore that I read "syringe and needle".....yup, im a ditz!!!! LOL!!


slowpoke01 - June 29

LN lol np we all misread things sometimes especially if we are tired so no problem i figured yu kjust misread it lol


Emma2 - June 29

LN, LOL!!! Anyone with some sense wouldnt stick an needle inside !


Keeli - June 29

Isn't the turky baster idea in that book 'taking charge of your fertility'? I always meant to buy that book. I herd there's something in there about using egg whites if you have poor ewcm too.


Emma2 - June 29

Keeli, yeah It does say that and much much more. I have the book its pretty good but over the top with some of the things. Like one example about not eating peas! Overall its a good book though.



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