Anyone Hoping For A BFP On Nov 18th

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Tansy - November 7

Hello! I am embarking on the 2WW - my period is due Nov 18th. Is anyone else expeciting theirs around that time who'd like to wait with me?


Paula - November 7

Hello I am due for af around 11/16-11/18, hoping that she doesn't find me for 9 months. I am 5 DPO with very sore, tender nipples. I can only wear my IPEX Victoria Secret bra. It is that bad. To wipe my chest with the washcloth and soap almost brings tears to my eyes. I have been very bloated as well since 3 DPO. Sending baby dust your way!!!!!


Becca D. - November 7

I am hoping for no AF the 17th. I have a very short luteal phase, so I am just 1 dpo. I am going in on Friday for my progesterone levels, and then starting the suppositories again. Hoping for a BFP next week. We've been trying since our miscarriage at 10 weeks in January!! Baby dust to all!!!


Paula - November 7

Good luck Becca. I am hoping that a BFP will be there for me next week.


Naysa - November 7

Hi ladies.I am hoping for no AF on 18 or 20.I hope this is the month for us girls!!!


Paula - November 8

Nothing to report, not feeling as bloated, but nipples are still sore and tender. I am now 6 DPO and I plan on testing as early as 10 DPO which is this weekend. Will keep you all posted. Sending baby dust to everyone!~!~!~!


Deb - November 8

Hello everyone. I am due Nov 20th and would love to wait with you all! I just an HSG test done on Oct hoping that helps my chances! Good luck to everyone ~*~BABY DUST~*~*


Paula - November 8

Welcome Deb, I had one done on 09/28/2005. Last cycle it didn't happen for me because DH was out of town on business and he arrive the day after ovulation, so I am hoping that it happen this cycle.


Laura - November 8

My af is due around 11/15.


Tansy - November 8

Hi girls, glad I'm not waiting alone now! I'm 4 DPO and not noticing much so far except for sore nipples, which isn't common for me. Good luck testing at the weekend, Paula!


Paula - November 8

Tansy when did you notice the sore nipples? I have had them since 2 dpo and now I am 6 dpo and they are not as sore, but still sensitive.


Tansy - November 8

Hi Paula, I noticed them yesterday for the first time. It's mainly my nipples that are sore, although every now and then the pain seems to throb deeper in my b___sts.


Paula - November 8

Same like I have been. Right 2-3 DPO I started to feel the soreness come on. I am hoping that it will be sign of what is to come.....BFPPPPPP! I am so excited. This is my 14 month trying. I do have a 9 1/2 yo DD. We have been trying since 03/2003, I have gotten preggo 3x but all resulted in a m/c, even twins in 07/2004. So I hope I can a BFP this cycle? What about you? How long have you been trying?


Meredith D - November 8

Oh... I am definitely waiting for a BFP... AF is due 11/15-18 .... hoping to doesn't come!!! My husband and I have just started trying, so this is all very new and overwhelming! I would love to be talking to some ladies in the same boat!!!


Tansy - November 8

Paula, so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I miscarried twice last year. We weren't TTC properly at the time, just letting things happen, but we've been TTC properly for 5 months now. Here's hoping we both get a BFP this month!! Meredith D, nice to meet you :) I'm glad to have found other ladies to talk to in the same boat!


suzieQ - November 8

Hi everyone! I'm kind of confused when my period is due. I have had two m/c's this year. I was going off the pill prior to the two m/c's. So my periods have been kinda whacked - to say the least. I think I have a long cycle, around 34 days. I had my last af on Oct 12. So, if I have a normal cycle, I could be testing positive on hpt's. If I have a long cycle, then I should be able to start testing this weekend. I've taken a few hpt's but have only gotten negatives so far. I'm hoping maybe it's just too early, but have a feeling that I'm not pregnant this month. I've had a few symptoms, but nothing terribly unusual for me. Anyways, everyone, keep posting - let me know how things go and hopefully we'll get LOTS of BFP'S this month!!!!***baby dust*****


Meredith - November 8

DH and I are just so excited to be trying to start a family, after waiting three years. We weren't even going to start trying until next year, but something felt right about trying now! So... we of course immediately went out and bought "What to Expect ... " and another one, and picked out both first and middle names for boy and girl. We are a little carried away. Last week I was a wreck! I was happy one minute, and then crashing down the next... I know it's a symptom... but it could also just be me getting myself worked up about something way too soon!



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