Anyone Hoping For A Bfp Within A Week Sit With Me

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kristie - March 14

Hi ladies, Is there anyone that is duewithin the next week and is waiting for a bfp? Come and join me as im due on the 19.


babyc11 - March 14

Hey Kristie..Im due tomorrow the 15th, but there's no signs of her coming. I'm waiting to test early next week if AF doesn't show, so I will wait with you. I am 9dpo and on CD 22/23. Stephanie


curly - March 14

im due the 17th, have sore b___bs and lower hips feel bruised.


LadyD - March 14

My af is due today,cd32. No sign yet, only sore b___bs, appet_te is crazy right now and I am not a big eater, but I noticed that w/in my last few cycles, so I don't think that is a symptom. I want to test but when I do, it seems to make af show w/in 24 hrs. (lol).


Anna B. - March 14

Hi! AF is due 3/18 for me. My temp dropped .3 this morning so I'm worried that AF might come early. I'm 9 dpo today. I have sore b___bs and feel this stretching/cramping feeling on my lower right side. I'd love to wait with you gals!


Crystal B - March 14

My af was due march 6, I took a test at 18 and 19 dpo and both cam out fainted line pink...then i took a digital one that came out not pregnant, so im going to test again Wednesday..Cant Wait! Today i am 1 wk and 1 day late for af and im 22dpo...Hope yall get a BFP!! BabyDust to ALL!!


kristie - March 14

Hey gals, Curly i have the same thing only mu uterus feels bruised. Well i have just had a miscarriage in feb and my af are due on my 1st annerversary! 19-3. I have sore bb like i did with the one i lost but i never had sore bb with my live birth. Apart from that i am getting af cramps but no show. so where are all you ladys from? Im from australia. Crystal B i had soo many faint lines then went to my doc aweek after my af were due i showd him my +ve hpt he said im pregnant he did a test came the doc kind out neg. He then put me in to get bloods and hcg levels were sitting on 19 aweek after i was due so good luck!!! BABY DUST TO US ALL!!!!


mylittleangels - March 14

well im due for af on the 18th and i have sore bb and bad headaches


Amber #2 - March 14

Hey Kristie-I'll wait with you... My anniversary is also on the 19th of March. I'm due for my AF on March 21st but I think I'm going to test on the 19th for an anniv. suprise!! I live in the U.S. (Houston, Texas). Good luck to everyone! Baby dust....


starblue332 - March 15

Hi. My AF is almost a week late. I have already had 1 neg HPT (on Sunday) but I am going to take another tomorrow morning. I thought she was starting yesterday, as I had very light spotting and some cramps, but nothing today at all. My hair also seems to be getting oily? What is up with that? I mean, it is not excessive or anything, but very noticeable to me bc I am used to having VERY dry hair.


Saird - March 15

My af was due on the 12th, still no signs of her...have had some headaches, some creamy CM, some cramps...really thought AF was coming....



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