Anyone Itchy Is It Some Sign Ive Never Heard Of Or Am I Jus

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begininew - January 1

Ok so this may have absolutly nothing to do with anything but for the past week I have been itching like crazy, the back of my neck, my face, my chest my legs. They feel nice and smooth because I am addicted to lotion,I have always used aloe unscented lotion, i havnt changed a thing but this itchin is driving me crazy! its difficult to fall asleep and when i do i wake up either itching or i have a tingly feeeling in my legs like just after they fall asleep if ud been sitting on them or something,but when i wake up im always strait legged so i dont believe im sitting on them in my sleep, lol. Also I have been getting breakouts in wierd places,my back some on my face(not unusual to have it there but uncommon for me) i even found an ugly little pimple under my br___t.yuck! any thoughts or am i just a mess here? ive always taken very good care of my skin so could this be a sign of preggers?


begininew - January 1

oh no maybe I am all alone,lol


begininew - January 2

oh forgot to add theres no rash or anything, im only red in an itchy area when ive been scratching like crazy for a min.


rusaguapa - January 2

My suggestion is to first rule out allergies. Eaten anything weird? Has the maker of the lotion changed the formula in any way? Other than that, I've heard women say that they break out in weird places or all over when prego, so, it just might be it! baby dust!


babyonboard? - January 2

OKay, I haven't heard of this either, but I have also been itchy... I am not positive that I am PG just yet- neg tests, but 'feel' pg - I have a dr appt tomorrw (I sure hope it happens this time) Anyway, I too have been itchy, not down there, but like my feet, thighs, hands and my forehead mainly... I thought it was dry skin, but I use a moisturizer everday and nothing has changed! Let us know what you find, I may even ask my GYN tomorrow while I am there


Megs - January 3

I have heard of this as a symptom... Actually, a gal on here about 11 months ago got her BFP with this primary symptom! (She's since had the baby, obviously) Good luck and let us know what happens!!


cdpace88 - January 3

I have heard that this is a rare symptom. But I thought I had heard it was primarily hands and feet and b___sts that were itchy. I have been having itchy arm pits and b___sts. Good luck. Come back in and let us know how it turns out!


cherryzz08 - January 9

I have been itching as well. I Swear i know im preg. Im only 9dpo though.



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