ANYONE Know About PCOS Grandpa Viv

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Megan - August 27

I was diagnosed with PCOS in April. My fiance and I have been having unprotected s_x a lot...what are the chances that I could get pregnant? Are there even any chances? Because I had some bleeding for about an hour and I thought that it might be IB...but not sure. I am also all of a sudden very nauseous which I haven't felt with my PCOS before. Any advice?


Bump - August 27



Hm - August 27

I'm not exactly sure what PCOS is...could u explain it?


Grandpa Viv - August 27

I don't know much about PCOS, but someone who has personal experience will pick up this thread. The best I know PCOS does not fully preclude ovulation and pregnancy. If something unusual is happening I would wait a week and then test weekly. Good luck!


tara - August 28

i know somone who has pcos and was advised not to get pregnant as it could be dangerous .


From Megan, To: Hm - August 29

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My doctor told me that what happens is that my eggs don't develop normally and they turn into cysts. It is hereditary (or so I read) and usually occurs in people who are obese. (but I have also read where some people have it and they are not obese) If it is not treated properly, it can develop into ovarian cancer and make you be infertile. That is all I really know.


From Megan, To: Grandpa Viv - August 29

Thank you so much for your input!


From Megan, To: tara - August 29

Thank you also for your advice and input!


** - August 29

I have had plenty of ovarian cysts, is it related to that, or completly different. I am not obese, and I have had two previous children, plus am preg. again. I often get them when I cease b___stfeeding and when my cycle begins again after childbirth. I also had a few as a teenager, they have always burst on there own, sometimes painfully, sometimes not. I know that my mom, sister and aunts get them too, Is it a different type of cyst in POCS, or is it just that you get then instead of ovulating all the time? how do they diagnose you?


angie - August 29

i have PCOS and let me tell you its no fun. i was on BC for 7 years, got off 1 year ago to ttc, 6 mos no luck and i started having alot of ovary pain and then AF just stopped altogether. thats when my dr diagnosed it through an ultrasound. when you have pcos your ovaries are covered in lots of little cysts and your eggs mature fine but they get trapped and become cysts. your ovaries literally look like big raspberries. it is safe to get pg, but it is usually high risk. most people with pcos, like me, dont produce progesterone and that results in early miscarriage. i now have to take provera to trigger af, take clomid days 3-7, estradiol days 7-12, and progesterone starting day 17 continuing throughout first trimester if pg, stop and start all over if not. its not fun but the way i look at it the end result will be worth it. waiting to test sept 5th, wish me luck and good luck to you!....oh and you dont have to have any outward symptoms to have pcos, im 5'5", 130 lbs, and no excessive hair growth!


angie - August 29

oh yeah, pcos cysts are different from normal ones. they're basically inflamed follicles whereas the other ones people get are bigger and typically filled with blood or fluid


Alison - August 30

sorry to hear of your troubles Angie, hope all turns out well for you-and everyone going through this thanks for the knowledge. Lots of babydust to everyone trying!!


From Megan, To: Angie - August 30

Thank you soooo much for the info! I did not know some of those things, and I think I was so devastated when my Dr. diagnosed me with it, that I was a bit confused. So thank you again for un-confusing me (lol) and good luck to you and lots of baby dust! (and you ARE right Angie, the end result will be worth it! :o)


KellyN - August 30

Megan, I too was just dagnosed with pcos at the beginning of my last cycle. There are apparently different degrees of severity with this. The doc said that not all of my ovaries were covered with cists, so it is possible for me to concieve naturally; however, it may take a long time. He put me on clomid to prompt ovulation, and Avandia (a diabetic med because pcos is a__sociated with early diabetes). While there is a bigger risk of m/c, as angie said from the low progesterone, getting pg with pcos is not dangerous to the mom. At least not as far as I've heard. It will just take us a longer time to have a successful pregnancy. My doc also put me on prometrium, a progesterone supplement to make my progesterone go up after ovulation and prevent possible m/c. I also did IUI this month for the first time. Sure hope it works. Maybe you should start a PCOS ttc thread so we can all monitor eachothers meds and progress??


From Megan, To: KellyN - August 30

Thank you also for the info! One question, that's hopefully not a stupid one lol, about a PCOS ttc thread, how would I start one? Thanks and lots of luck to you, as well as baby dust to all! :o)


Nell - August 30

I have had PCOS for a few years. It's not always that bad. It all depends on the individual. It is absolutely possible to get pregnant and have a normal pregnancy. The biggest problem I've had is abnormal periods which makes it difficult to predict ovulation. If you have a good doctor they will work with you and make you feel better about it.


From Megan, To: Nell - August 30

Thank you so much for your kind words Nell! Baby dust to all! :o)



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