Anyone Know My Answers Lol

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starzzz - March 3

i had u/p s_x on the 24th,i had just stopped takin the pill on that day (only been on it 14 days in totally) i first started takin it on the 12 of feb.but stopped on the 24th.would this bring on ovualtion?plus,my stomach has gone werid and feels like bubbley sometimes,my nipples feel different,and my cervix,feels much higher and softer,and when i say higher i can hardly reach it.i have a lot of bad mood swings,and feel really emotional somtimes.i have been on a light period from the 26th til the 2nd,i think this is due to coming off the it possible to ovualte and get a period,considering,this isnt a real period??i am very confused,and i think i would have confused alot of people reading this lol.but any answers will be much appreciated. xx


starzz - March 3

does anyone think i might be pregnant? xx


Poppins - March 3

Starzzz, It is difficult to say. I think it would be too early to test yet, anyway. Wait and see how you feel in a couple weeks. I know that sounds impossible when you're worried. Good luck


xx - March 3

is it possible to get pregnant as soon as you c_m of the pill~?


starzzz - March 3

also i have mad feelings at the right side of me stomach,like tugging pains?any ideas?


b - March 3



kim - March 3

I have heard that when you first go off the pill you are more fertile. You said you were only on the pill 14 days anyway. I was told by my Dr. that B/C pills are not fully effective until one month after taking them.


Serenna - March 3

It is hard to say, and since you did just stop that pill you may have unexpected bleeding anyway do to hormone changes. I'd wait until you would normally expect AF then tk a hpt. You also have to keep in mind that when u take bc that they tell u to use a backup method for the first month to make sure that it's workin. I hope u get the answer that u want. Good Luck



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