Anyone Know The Odd Of Twin Having Twins

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Kayliesmommy - January 26

Hello everyone, I am a fraternal twin, they run in the family I am the 4th direct generation of twins on my mothers side, they do not skip generations so far. I was wondering what my odds are of having a set of frats myself? DH and I are ttc #2 (DD is 16 mo old) and this just crossed my mind. Thanks in advance!


lissica - January 26

i don't know but i found a site that might help you.


lissica - January 26

hmm guess you will have to dig around there and find the one that says What are the Odds.


Kayliesmommy - January 26

Thanks a bunch Ill check it out :)


lissica - January 26

btw..that's a lot of twins in your family lol. No wonder your curious about the odds. I'd say pretty good from what i was reading.Good luck!


crackersforme - January 26

Yeah...I'd agree.. You have a good shot. Did you also read that yams helps? Just thought that was funny.... Also, Kaylie..make sure you take out BOTH dashes....if you take out just the one between the htm, you'll still get a multiples page, but not the correct one with the statistics.


jeanette - January 26

I have 5 generations of twins in my family on maternal great great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother, mother & sisters were twins. (my great grandma had trips too) ...Only my mother & her twin were identical,all others were frats. My twin (half sisters actually) sisters had no twins, and neither have I...but I did m/c natural triplets last year.


Kayliesmommy - January 27

eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk! Well I have attempted bunches of research on this last night. If and when we concieve this next time, it will be interesting to see...Im only 2 DPO for it will be a couple weeks until we find out if this is the cycle :) Singletons are great...twins eeekkk but whatever god decides to give us is a gift for sure! Gives me something to ponder during this ugh if a 2ww! Thanks everyone!



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