Anyone Know The Odds Of Getting PG When NOT Ovulating

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Linda - June 16

Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone knew a "rough estimate" of what the odds are of getting pregnant when your not ovulating? For instance, my last AF started on May 29th and DH and I didn't bd until the 14th and 15th of June...what do you think my possibilities of being pregnant are? Oh, and I really don't have a clue when I ovulate. I bought a test, but I had a hard time making sense of it. I think it says I ovulated on the 12th of June....any advice? Thanks!


amy - June 16

i dont think you got preg.


Becky - June 16

Ovulation tests are different than pregnancy tests in that you usually have to take mroe than one. You start testing a day or two before you think you might (just to be sure). A test that shows up with a dark test line (as dark or darker than the control line) means that there is an LH surge, and you should bd w/in 12-36 hours. You can however have a surge without ovulating (either none happens or you have another surge a few days later and then ovulate). The way to really tell if you have ovulated is by charting your temps (temp drop right before, and then raise right after for a contiued amount of days). If you ovulated the 12th, and BD'd the 14th/15th, there is not much chance of pregnancy because the egg only lives 12-24 hours after ovulation (some have said up to 36, but that is really pushing it). I'd say to get a bunch of ovulation tests from the dollar store and test twice a day (around 10 and 10 or so) just to make sure you don't miss the surge (which can happen if you only test once a day). Also, keep track of your CM, stretchy egg white CM happens around the time of ovulation. Or if you want, BD every other day after af for a few weeks... :)


Linda - June 16

Thanks Becky! On my ovulation kit, I never got a line as dark or darker than the test line. I would get a second line, but it would be much lighter than the test line. I just came of b/c a few months ago...I guess I am a little messed up!


Kel - June 16

Hey Linda. You should try temping next time. I just started this month and it makes it much easier to figure out when/if you ovulated each month. I just love it!! Good luck!!!


maddie - to linda - June 16

Try temping and doing opk. I actually used hormonal forecaster this month (@, I think) It is great because you input your details and it calculated estimated O day...then you temp every morning and input that into the data sheet, its really easy and quick. It gives you a time line of temps and then pinpoints the day you O. I did this with the opk. DH and I bd every day (yeah we are anxious) around the estimated days to be sure. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions...Oh and you can print out the sheets to bring to doc, mine liked that


Linda - June 16

Great! Thanks guys! I need to try temping...I am not sure how...but I am sure I can find it in another thread. Thanks again!



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