Anyone Late And Waiting For Confirmation

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Rose (Australia) - May 1

I am now 6 days late for AF, but do not really feel any pregnancy symptoms. I have mild cramping on and off for last few days, is this a good sign or a bad sign? My br___ts are not sore and this seems to be a common sign. Already taken one test and negative, so I am forcing myself to wait another week until I test again. So anybody like to wait with me?


Ash - May 2

I am also 6 days late. I haven't had a late period in over 5 years. I've been through 3 pregnancy tests already (unfortunately all neg). I feel alittle bloated, a bit sleepy, but normal. My husband and I are on pins and needles about what to do- because I'm a chemist and if I am pregnant I must remove myself from the chemical and radioactive hazards of my work. Is is too early to see the doctor?


Ange(NZ) - May 2

Hi Ladies, I'm 4 days late..never late could set your watch by my cycle. have done 3 hpt's all -ve but today have slight spotting and mild cramping..could be AF or mother nature just playing tricks. temp still elevated in the morning though..guess tomorrow will tell if the spotting gets worse :(..fingers cross for you Rose..I'm close in NZ and you also Ash


Rose - May 3

Well I back to the beginning for me as AF arrived last night after getting really bad cramps and cervical pain, temp dropped off that morning too. Really weird though, because I've never had those symptoms before with any other cycle. I cant help wondering wether I was pregnant but something wasn't quite right so my body rejected it. Even though most of the time I didn't feel pregnant, I was started to secretly allow myself to get excited. Trying not to feel sorry for myself however ....babies are a blessing and I feel fortunate to have one (now 2 yrs) already. Sorry to break circle so soon, good luck to you both (Ash and Ange), I'll check in again, so let me know what the outcome is ... lots of baby dust to you all....


Silly - May 3

Hi Girls, I am 2 week late all tests (several)come out negative and am on Clomid... having signs like sleepiness, b___sts are soar.. but still all negative and u think it would show something by now.. going for blood test tomorow *crosses fingers*


Ange(NZ) - May 4

Hi Rose..sorry to hear. I'm now in the same boat, AF showed up yesterday 5days youself can't help but wonder ??poss early miscarriage..who knows!! But anyway..maybe next dust to you and everyone else out there TTC.


Ash - May 5

Well I'm at 10 days late now. Took another test yesterday. Still looks negative. I have an appointment for a blood test tomorrow. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to celebrate my first Mothers' Day. What were your results Silly?


tracey - May 5

Ash, please let us know tomorrow how it turns out. Also, I know that I am late, but it is hard to know how late because since coming off bc in Dec. my cycles have been 33, 32, 32 and 30. Now I'm on cd 34, which seems so long to me. Two neg hpts...trying to wait another week. Good luck to you!


Ash - May 6

Blood test confirmed my suspicions. I am 5.5 weeks along! I never had a positive home test- I took probably 6 of them! Even last night the home test was negative. We are so excited and sooooo blessed to have conceived our first month. Good luck ladies!


superbadchick - May 6

I am ten days late - had cramping for 3 days last week when af should have started but nothing. My b___sts aren't sore- but they weren't the first 3 times I was pregnant either. I had a faint positive, followed by 4 negatives, & lots of ewcm. I'd be glad to wait, have a drs appt on friday.


Rose (Aus) - May 7

Congratulations Ash - happy mothers day! Let us know of your progress too... Meanwhile we still have this month Ange to ttc, so fingers crossed and eventually luck will come our way. It is a rather exciting process and I really am trying to enjoy this instead of worrying about it! After charting my temps all last month and seeing absolutely no peaks, i decided not to chart anymore - hard to stay relaxed. How long have you been ttc Ange?


Dawn(canada) - May 7

Hey Rose! I am now 14 days late and am always on time, the most I went was 1 week being late. I have taken 2 preg. test...all negative, and I am very frustrated and nervous now. I too am waiting another week...then I will be making a trip to the doc! Let me know how it goes.


Ash - May 7

Dawn- I wouldn't trust those tests. I took a ton- of different brands too and they all were negative. Trust your body- if you think you are pregnant- you probably are. I'm excited about your doctor's appointment. At mine they did both a urine and blood test and they both were positive. The dr's urine tests are different then the home tests so hopefully you will know something next week! Keep us posted. As far as symptoms for me- I was only tired and bloated, no sore b___sts or anything. Now I am even more exhausted and my lower back has been hurting. I'll have my first prenatal visit in the next couple weeks. I'm praying for ya'll!


diane - May 7

I had a couple negative pregnancy tests with my last pregnancy, before I got a pos result.



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