ANYONE Not Get A Positive OPK But Still Ovulate

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izechsmama - January 30

Hey gals.. i know there are a few ladies who would be interested in the answer to this question.. i'm only on CD 14 so course i havent had my positive yet... but is it possible to not get a positive on them but still end up ovulating? are they like really accurate or what? this is my first month using them... so i'm not really sure... THANKS!!


VenusdiMilo - January 30

Never heard of that one before...sorry I can't answer that question. However, what CD did you start using them and how long are your cycles normally?


TTC#[email protected] - January 30

I think that they are extremely accurate. It could be you missed the surge if you did not take an opk everyday at the same time. Also just cause you get a + opk doesnt mean that you ovulated, just got ready to. Only a rise in temp would tell you if in fact you ovulated.


ursula - January 30

izechsmama, I am wondering too. I did find this on ff today. gives me hope! Yes, it is possible to ovulate without ever seeing a positive OPK (or peak reading on your fertility monitor). OPKs are designed to detect the surge of luteinizing hormone in your urine. This is the last hormone to peak before ovulation and the hormone that is responsible for triggering the rupture of the ovarian sac. LH needs to surge in order for ovulation to occur, but in some cases, the pattern of your surge and the time you test (if you do not manage to capture the surge when you test) will not let you see a positive result. If you have a sharp LH surge, for example, you may take one test before your surge is detectable by your kit and another test when your LH has already begun to trail and is no longer detectable by the kit. Whether or not you see a positive OPK result, it is recommended to keep on having intercourse until ovulation is confirmed by a clear and sustained thermal shift and ovulation is detected on your chart.


Ella82 - January 30

Hi izechsmama yes i have had that happen to me i tested for a week and never got a positive opk but i did ovulate i got a bfp that month sadly i had a m/c in nov. I started using them again in dec tested from cd9-cd16 and got a positive opk cd 15 and 16 and got my bfp this month. I would recommend using 10 of them and start on cd10 using them at the same time it is easy to miss the surge. I have never temped but using opks as well as temping you will know for sure when you o'd. Good Luck!


VenusdiMilo - January 30

I disagree that OPKs are "extremely accurate" they've known to be wrong at times. Bottom line is, you cannot rely ONLY on OPKs. Temping and checking CM are the primary signs to detect Ov.


anniebananie - January 30

Many people have found that they are actually not that accurate. You have to take them at the same time everyday and try not to drink much liquid for three hours beforehand. I have taken them for months, and they always came up positive for my O. Last month though, it completely missed it, I still did O, it just didn't show on the opk's. Still waiting for a positive this month, even if I don't get one, I am sure that I will O.


VenusdiMilo - January 30

Oh, another thing, it’s NOT good to test with FMU because LH surge does not reach your urine until about midday. I usually test after 12 noon.



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