Anyone Not Get BFP Until After Missed Af

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AmyB - February 18

i am stressing i feel so many signs of being pg but i am not getting a BFP....everday it is neg...anyone out there not get their BFP until after missed af? need some due today or tomarrow?


bex - February 19

Hi Amy, there has been loads of examples of people who have not got BFP until days or sometimes weeks after AF was due - I have just got a BFP in the last couple of days and I used internet cheapie strips that detect 10mIu of HCG - I got my first positive result 10 dpo but very faint - got a good positive today and AF due tomorrow. It might be that your tests are just not senstive enough to detect - it really is the norm to get a BFP after AF is due. Hope this helps - good luck!!


chandellina - February 19

hi, i used an early predictor test 4 days before my period was due and got BFN. i had been having symptoms so i was really hopeful and then very disappointed. (so stupidly drank 2-3 gla__s wine three days in a row at work events because i thought the test must be right.) AF didn't show up so i tested again 3 days later (31 days after LMP) and got a faint positive. about four days after that i tested again and got a dark line so try to be patient and you may get that positive yet...


Deb - February 19

I got my BFP when AF was two days late.


AmyB - February 19

thanks guys! well no af yet but testing neg so i am hoping there is still hope!


Jessica - February 19

I am right there with you Amy. AF is late, I was due for it Friday the 17th and now it's Sunday and nothing. I've taken two tests, both negative but I've had all kinds of symptoms. I don't get it but just know you're not alone!!!


AmyB - February 19

jessica sounds like we are in the same boat....i got a faint positive this morning and i dont know if it was an evaporation line or a real pos...i am so frustrated?! i seen the line come accross and only seen the control line so i threw it away....well i grabbed it out of the trash and looked like 30 minutes later and there was a faint line there?! i dont know what to think?


Meg - February 20

that exact thing has happenend to me twice, I ended up being truly pregnant in both cases, but I would test again tomorrow the fmu and watch carefully to be sure it shows up within the time limit! good luck!


Jessica - February 20

Ok I'm going nuts!!! I tested again today and once again...BFN! And to make things worse, no sign of AF. I just want an answer!!! =((((((((


AmyB - February 20

i got a faint BFP today! good luck jessica!


Otilia98 - March 7

Amy B - How many days did you feel symptoms and how many days did you take tests?


Lin - March 7

AmyB, did your faint bfp show up within the test time?


AmyB - March 7

i felt like i was pg at about 10dpo i started having heartburn, my cp was high and soft and i had lots of cramy cm...i tested like everyday from 10dpo on and got BFN....finally at 16 dpo when af was 2 days late i got a BFP but it was i still ? it and dh went and bought a digital and it said "pregnant" so i swear by those things if there's any doubt it will tell you! so i didnt get a dark BFP until 18dpo...


AmyB - March 7

oh and it took like the full 10 min for it to turn faint pos...


Lin - March 7

Congratulations, AmyB!!! I only asked about whether it was within the time limit or not, because I've had TONS of positive lines after the time limit and not been pregnant. I'd say a digital "pregnant" is d__n good confirmation, though. Again, congrats!!!



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