Anyone Ovulating End Of December

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angelkissedmommy - December 20

And want to wait this cycle out with me? This is my 5th month ttc after 2 m/c during these LONG five months!! I have a 13th month I know a baby can's hoping that it will this cycle!! I'm on CD 7 and counting down...


Lacey - December 20

Hi, I am due to O on Christmas day. DH and I have been ttc for 8 months with no luck so far. Can I wait with you? I am so sorry about your two m/c. That has got to be so hard.


angelkissedmommy - December 20

Hey welcome!!! I would love for you to wait with me...I should be o'ing around then or at least soon after :) And yes the m/c's were hard :( but I"m excited to try again....this will be the first month trying after the last m/c so I'm hopeful. Although....I know I've only been trying for five months but it's been a LONG five months as I said earlier. My life has become consumed with ttc, so this month I am going to try to just relax and not get so upset if my af comes....but that's all better said than done, right?? So, do you use OPK's, CM, BBT, or what for your oing signs??


Anna B. - December 20

Hi! I am due to O on New Year's Day. I'm trying not to obsess over things this time. Last month I was a week late and started this past Sunday and I've been really depressed since then. I really thought I might have been pregnant last month since AF was so late so I got my hopes up waaayyyyy too high. This month we probably don't have much of a chance though since dh and I won't be together until the day before O day. Maybe we'll get lucky - it only takes once, right?!?!? Oh - this will be our 4th month ttc and I'm temping and checking cm/cp and using fertility friend.


angelkissedmommy - December 20

Welcome, Anna B!! I totally understand about not obsessing...ditto's on that one :) And you never only takes one little sperm ;) As for me, I only check cm which has seemed to be pretty reliable for me....I get it really obvious so I'd have to be pretty brain dead to miss it!! Af just finished yesterday so today is the beginning of when I begin to get excited!!! Just waiting for the goopy stuff now!!!


gretchen - December 20

I should o on Dec.31st. , that would be agreat way to bring in the NEW YEAR. I had a m/c on Nov.1st at 5 weeks. I will start clomid again tonight. BABY DUST TO YOU ALL>


Jennbj - December 20

Hello, I have had 2 mcs this year (last one Oct 20) We started trying after first af. .I am on cd 4 of my 2nd af (I cried my eyes out when she showed up) and I should O on the 31st or the 1st. However, we will be at the in-laws with the rest of dh family for a wedding at that time so I am just hoping we can get a bd in somewhere to catch it. I don't know though, I don't think I Od last month so I may not even O this time around anyway. But I still plan on trying. Good luck to all of you. Looks like we are all going to be on the same schedule.


LB - December 20

Hi ladies i am set to ovulate on the 29 or 30, this is the first month i am starting to use the clearblue fertility monitor, so i hope it works out these weeks are killing me! period, ovulation, two week wait time, ah well joys of womenhood, i am now on cycle day4.


Anna B. - December 21

Gretchen - how has clomid been for you? My doc gave me a prescription for it but I haven't decided if I'm going to use it yet.


gretchen - December 21

The clomid has worked really well for me , this will be either the 4th or 5th month for me. The first month I was on 50 mg and it did not work, secnd month I was on 100mg, took it one night and got sick. So the next month I went back to 50 mg and have ovulated every month on it. The only side effects I have had are hot flashes and headaches.


angelkissedmommy - December 21

Welcome gretchen, jennbj, and LB!!!! Great to have you ladies on board :) I am very sorry for your losses, gretchen and jennbj, and I actually m/c a week after you did, gretchen, at five weeks as well :( BUT....this is a new cycle and it's time to look ahead and hope for our month!! I know how busy the times are, Jennbj, and like you I'm hoping that my hubs and my schedules will allow for some r&r and some fun bd'ing sessions!!! As for me....I finished af yesterday, but spotted some brown mucousy stuff this morning (sorry...tmi)...should be all finished now....should I purchase an OPK??? I did the first time ttc and had lines everytime....but had a hard time telling if they were getting darker or not! I suppose I"ll try couldn't hurt, and along with my cm I should be in pretty good shape :) That's the most reliable for me :) CD 8...9 days to go :) Approx .....;)


CHEY1MOMMY - December 21



LeaAmanda - December 22

I should be ovulating either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, not exactly sure as my cycle has been eratic since going off the pill. We've bee trying for 5 months now. I figure if AF hasn't come by Jan 14th then I'll go ahead and test if I can wait that long :) So I'd like to wait with you guys


angelkissedmommy - December 22

Welcome Chey1mommy, and LeaAmanda!!! Glad to have the both of you as waiting buddies :) And I'm with you LeaAmanda...I'm gonna try to hold off on testing until af doesn't show (here's praying she won't!!!!) Something weird that doesn't usually happen to me....this might be a little for the faint of heart you might not want to proceed... I've had some really interesting cm today! Hubs and I bd this morning, but I figured it would all be out by now! It's been really gummy....I've never had gummy cm before! And I noticed a wet spot in my underwear this evening from the cm I've been having....really odd....and I wiped today and one time I wiped a brownish tinge....possible leftover af? Never happens to me! So...that was A LOT of info....sorry!


ty - December 25

Hi, I am due to ovulate today (X-mas). I hope everything goes well for you. My husband and I are hoping for a first child.


gretchen - December 25

How is everyone doing? I took my clomid last night and I should ovulate next weekend, or maybe before.


Kristen - December 25

I am due for O on today. We bd last night and two days before that. We will problaby bd tonight too. Good luck



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