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Melly - September 5

Looking for some buddies to go through the whole process with. This is my 2nd month ttc. didn't realise there was so much waiting around involved!! Hope you can join me and loads of baby dust to all of us!!


Dak - September 5

Hie, I have though tof joining you on Septemeber ttc. I am also ttc # 2 after m/c 3 months ago. I hope we will have lots n lost of BFP. Baby dust to you too and anyone ttc.


tab - September 5

hey ladies, I am due to ov this week, at least by the charts I am, but I had thick c_m and sharp pains on both ovaries for 3 days on days 1,2,3 of this month rt now all seems normal. This month is just starting off weird. I read where u can ov before and after midcycle, and that its rare that women ov midcycle, so we will see. Baby Dust ladies!!!


Melly - September 5

Hi Dak and Tab, welcome to this new thread, I too have had the same as you tab, both my ovaries were hurting yesterday but I am not due to ovulate until tomorrow or the next day and my OPK was negative so I don't know what that is about. I was charting my temp for about 4 months to find out when I 'o' but my doctor told me to 'relax' and not to stress myself out with charting for the first few months. I am still using OPK's though. Dak, I am so sorry about your m/c, that must have broken your heart. Truck loads of baby dust to all of us this month* * *


Jamie - September 5

Hey ladies! I think I ovulated yesterday - had a positive OPK yesterday morning... we bd that morning... hopefully this one was a winner. We have been ttc for a year and this month we went to a fertility specialist. I rarely ovulate on my own - I am currently waiting for labwork to find out if I may have PCOS. The doctor told us to take this month off of drugs and charting temps. All he wanted us to do was relax and have me try opk's - I tried them before and could never read them right. Well wouldn't you know it I got a + finally! Wouldn't it be so ironic that the one month we are kicking back we get pregnant! I have had ewcm and sharp pains as well - today is CD 12. Well ladies here is to some BFPs this month!! **baby dust**


tab - September 5

I am not using opk's or charting this month, it made it so stressful, so figure I will just go by my body, I normally hurt when I ov, so I am going off of that. I have read a lot of posts from women that say the month they relaxed was the month the conceived. Let's keep our fingers crossed and I am sending baby dust ur way!!!


Melly - September 7

Got a positive OPK test today, have had unprotected s_x the last 3 nights and will again tonight - so fingers crossed!!!! Dak, Tab,Jamie are you still around?


Jamie - September 7

I am still here!! I got a call from the doctor today and my bloodwork confirms it - I have PCOS. I start metformin tomorrow. I am a little relieved to know now what the problem has been - maybe now we can get things going so I can get a BFP!! I am still hoping that maybe the OPK was right and I ovulated for a possible bfp this month. We will have to wait and see...Melly - sounds to me like you bd at the right time - good luck! ***baby dust***


Melly - September 7

Thanks Jamie. good luck to you also, hope the meds take affect fast for you. You have been trying for so long, it must be so frustrating for you, I have only been trying for 2 months and am feeling very impatient already. Hopefully it will be our month this month!!


nell - September 7

This is my ovulation week.... I am taking it easy on ttc this month too much stress and I am trying to plan my wedding 4th mth ttc.


Melly - September 8

Welcome nell, planning a wedding can be very stressfull, I got married last year and i thought that I would be having a stress free year this year, Im not that stressed about ttc, but it is on my mind all the time and I hope that it doesn't take too long. It is great to have a site like this to pa__s the time during all this waiting around, I spend ages reading and finding information. Hopefully we will all be able chat about our own symptoms over the next few weeks.


tab - September 8

I am still here too!!! I won't be testing til after I miss my af, if I can help it. I am having mild cramps in my uterus, and it feels odd, like a little fullness. Time will tell, if I ov on the first, that's when I felt those sharp pains, this put me 7dpo, but I am not going by the number of dpo cause I could have ov on the 2nd or 3,4,5, or the 6, who knows. You understand me. So time will tell. Anyone experienceing something?


.... - September 8



Dak - September 9

Melly, thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I am still around and still hoping for the best. I am glad that you got a +ovu test. I trust it will work for you. I have been having cramps since last week I was due to ovulate on Sep 6. Since then I have been feeling sick. I am not sure what is it. What I can remember is that I had severe morning sickness from the day I conceived to the day of m/c. This was my first so I am not really sure whether its the same thing or not. Welcome Tab,Jamie & Nell. Jamie I am happy for you saw a fertility specialist. I hope it will work. I conceived after 2 years of ttc. Have faith that you are conceiving. My problem is that I do not ovu regularly. So after taking one course of Clomid I ovulated. I also used the same drug this month. I hope I ovulated. I am wishing you all good luck so that we should have lot n lots of BFP's. Lets keep in touch


Melly - September 11

Hi ladies, hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I am 3dpo and am very hopeful for a positive result. Do any of you know about implantation? Is there any feeling involved so that you might know that it has taken place? I might have a read of some of the other threads to see if there is any info about it. Glad to hear from you Dak! Is anyone having any symptoms yet?????


Dak - September 13

Hie Ladies, I hope you all had nice weekend, mine was not good. I have fever so there was no bedding. I have started to loose hope since I didnt have much of bedding. No signs yet despite that i am on day 28, 7 days to go until testing. No sign of Af yet and no feeling of being preg. I am not testing until AF. I wish you all good luck. Lets keep in touch


sally - September 13

hi there, I was waiting o ov today,wed,thursday (have been tracking EWCM for months) as I usally have EWCM for 3/4 days, however I noticed EWCM on sunday and it only lasted a day. I was waiting until the 3/4 day to BD as husband has a lower sperm count so I did not BD sunday night. I did however BD on sunday morning but I got up from bed straight away and went to loo because I did not think that I was fertile then so I made no effort to keep the c_m inside me for long. Confusing im sorry, but I have been ttc for 2 years and Im getting a bit stressed out about it all now. good luck 2 you all!!xxxxx



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