Anyone Ovulating Today Want To Wait

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gurinsa - May 28

This is it!! Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best. Anyone want to wait with me?


breezieb - May 28

Yeah!! I am glad you posted. I actually O in 2 days. I went to the doc today and got an u/s and I have one full/perfect follie on my lft ovary. Doc said she thinks this is going to be the one! I go back on June 6 ( 7 dpo) to do progestrine levels to make sure all is well. I will also ask her to go ahead and do the blood test! It would be great to hear I am pg ...but at 7 dpo makes me nervous asit is so early and I am terriffied of having another m/c. Is this your first? I have 2 ttc # 3. I hope this is it for us!!!!


hope-31 - May 28

are you doing iui?


breezieb - May 29

I am not doing iui. I just asked my doc if she would follow me thru every step of my next 2 cycles so I can know whats really going on with my body. She is awesome she said she had no problem with it. ( i do have pcos and endemetriosis and 2 m/c in 2007)


gurinsa - May 29

Breezie..thats great that your doc is so willing to help you follow your cycle! I have an 11 month old daughter who was concieved through IUI... and currently ttc #2 naturally. I will likely test on June 7 so we are really close together! How long have you been ttc #3?


momtostetson - May 30

I ovulated on the 27th. I will wait with you!!


breezieb - May 30

gurinsa - I have been ttc#3 since....well.... In May 2007 I got Pg and wasn't activly trying just kinda let it come natural! Well it ended in m/c at 6 wks had d-n-c...Well I was devistated so I didn't want to rush into trying hard, but I really wanted my baby so again let nature take its course and in DEC 2007 had another m/c at 9 weeks had d-n-c I went on 1(3mth) pk of bc pills to heal finished bc pill mid April . Around may 9 went to ER for cramps(still no AF) u/s found cystic hemmorage..... May 17 AF finally came and my reg doc said all though my endo & pcos is acting up again ( endo attached on ovary and intestine) I ovulate fine and seem to get pg fairly easy( since my lapo) and that she has a good feeling about this month!! ANYWAY..sorry ADD !! I would say early 2007, But this is my first cycle since Dec that I could try!! so I am ready to make some babies!!! Sorry so long I am tired and rambling!! baby dust to us ladies!!! Lets stay in touch - june 7 is right around the corner!!! gurinsa & momtostetson.....BABY DUST!! JUNE testing is gonna do us right I can feel it!


gurinsa - May 31

okay girls!! I am 3 dpo and feeling very crampy!! Which could really be good or bad..other than that, not too many symptoms..anyone else experiencing things?


gurinsa - May 31 have had a hard year. You deserve a BFP in June!!! Only 1 more week left!!!


HannahBaby - May 31

im Oing tomorrow! Glad to join in on the wait!


breezieb - May 31

I am so confused!!! On the 28th my doc said my follicle looked perfect for O'ing . But my cm doesn't seem to agree! Usally my cm is very appearent!!! At the most I got wet and slippery but no actuall ewcm or stretchy. This morning it was real wet thin slippery lotion like. tonight it is just kinda barley existint and sticky. Whats up??? I want to cry!! The other days I didn't track very well , I have been very buisey and I was so happy about the u/s that I didnt pay as much attention.uggg! I did get some cramping though. If you are bd alot how much does that interfere with checking your cm? What is driving me nuts is that I usally have great cm! I did just start taking the zinc, folid acid , and baby asprin this month...but I wouldn't think it would effect my cm. Please help!!! anyone know about cm??? plus me and dh couldn't bd today but I think it is ok at this point right? I am afraid since I don't know how long my cycles are that I might not O on cd 14....but if the doc said the follie looked the right measurement on the 28th for me to O on the 30th that should be it right? I am sorry for going on and on!! I am just going crazy!!! To top it off I have been crazy emotional/crying....but that started around the 29th so can that be a sign of O? I know it can't be pg symptom. ANY ADVICE OR ENCOURAGEMENT PLEASE>>>i really need to here from someone..i am about to burst into tears again...i am losing it!


breezieb - June 1

gurinsa-thanks girl! I need encouragment right now. why am I freaking out so bad! lol I know this is personal but do you remember what your cm looked like at 1 dpo? Am I looking to much into this? I keep telling myself dont worry about it is what it is......but it is not ...I will have my fingers crossed for you!!! when are you going to test ?


gurinsa - June 3

breezie..I remember that my cm didn't start getting really apparent until like 5-6 dpo. Initially it was just like every single other cycle so don't worry!! I think at this point, its okay if you didn't bd - you should be past the point based on your doctor's report!! What is your cm like today?? I have been totally straining to see if mine is becoming more evident but I can't tell (which I guess is a no) but I still have the cramping. It could be period cramps. I will likely test this Saturday. Aren't you going in Friday for bloodwork?


gurinsa - June 3

FYI..sorry I was mia for a few days over the weekend but I'm back with you now!! Anyone else still out there??


leelee76 - June 3

Hi girls!!! I had some ovulation signs this morning and sure enough got a + OPK this afternoon and got some bding in!!! Fingers crossed! My husband and I are trying for our first!!! Hope you don't mind me joining your thread, my name is Lisa and this is our 8th cycle ttc (although a couple of those months we had family emergencies where we didn't try). Hopefully mine & dh's schedules will coincide with some more bding time tomorrow and thursday morning!!! :)


breezieb - June 4

gurinsa- Hey girl glad you back!! I am feeling tender bb....which I always get close to AF...BUt I dont think ever this early. I am at work so I just dropped in for a quick hi and I will get back on later. Oh yeah... my cm mostly non exestint but every once in a while lotiony...I wish I co


momtostetson - June 4

hey..its been awhile since i said bb are a bit sore, well just one, and they never are. There is always a first time for everything. Also, i have more cm than i usually do at this point in my cycle, but only a few more days to know for sure.



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