Anyone Preg Nant And Your Test Keep Comming Up Neg Including

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penn - April 29

i have all kinds of preg symptons and the home preg test keep comming up neg .and so do blood test.has anyone had symptons and everything come up neg .and your preg please help


Maria - April 29

Remember, af symptoms and pg symptoms are very similar. Are you late for af yet?


hoping - April 29

I have the same thing. i have not taken a blood test yet but if i don't have a positive test in a week or 2 or period doesn't show up, I will have one done. I have been having them for 3 1/2 weeks now. seems like a new one happens every week. good luck to you.


Bel - April 29

Blood tests are normally pretty spot on... urine test can take longer to show a positive, but a blood test normally holds the key.. Sorry


I disagree - April 29

I had a negative blood test and was pregnant. I took it too soon. I had it done 15 dpo and doctors say that hormone levels differ. I didn't get a positive urine until I was 6 weeks along and I am not overweight either. There is still hope. Good Luck.


hoping - April 29

thanks for the boster. i was really worried that there was no chance that i was preg. what is the abbrev's? i don't know them


hoping - April 29



Adria - April 30

I'm 21 weeks and are still getting neg. blood and urine tests, the hpt's are coming out faintly positive.


Rose - April 30

I am three days late, show some signs of being pregnant, but the test I did this morning was negative. During my last pregnancy however, I was more than two weeks late and two tests were negative. It wasnt until a blood test at 5 weeks was I sure I was pregnant. I am beginning to wonder wether home tests are a gimmick!


Ann - April 30

I am also 3 days late, and no sign of af, also the last time I had s_x was a month ago, could I be pregnant and it not show up on urine test? I havent done a blood test yet


To adria - April 30

How did you find out you were pregnant. Did you have period-like bleeding? Your answer would be very helpful. Thanks


for adria.. - April 30

id like to know the answer to the last post aswell adria


To adria - May 1

Hi, I have a question for you. I have a hard time understanding why a blood and urine test wouldn't show pregnancy. Did the doctors give you a reason why? How did you find out you were pregnant? 21 weeks should show up on tests. Did you have bleeding? I am thanking you a head of time. Thanks


chris - May 5

yes i am definitly 8 months now and every test i have had includeing blood all came back neg


Donna - May 5

Hi I am due tomorrow, I am extremly tired and sick and have been getting headaches for the past 2 days, all home tests show BFN. do I have a virus or am I preggie???


Ash - May 5

AF is 11 days late tomorrow. I've been pretty exhausted, and VERY bloated. I have taken 4 home tests, all negative. I'm 5' 110 pounds so I'm certainly not overweight. I have an appointment for a blood test tomorrow morning. I have read on the other boards that this is more common then we are led to believe. Hopefully I'll get to celebrate my first Mother's Day this weekend.


To Chris - May 6

How is that possible? Did the doctors explain to you why? Need to know. I can use some info. Thanks



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