Anyone Pregnant From Pull Out

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lalala - March 19

anyone pregnant from pull out? he really did pull out but i am nearly 3 days late now.....


*~~baby dust~~* - March 19

me too!


kat - March 19

pre-c_m can get you pregnant,pull out method isnt a form of contraception


Sick of it!!!!! - March 19

oh you have been silly haven't you?


Pixie - March 19

help! i really need to know this one too! Always read it's a dodgy thing to do but never really met anyone who got pg fromit so not sure i believe it can. help!!


T - March 19

I have a friend who has 2 children and both of them were results from her thinking he pulled out in time... Yep.. its possible.. and I too may be a victim of getting pregnant from pre-c_m.. only thing is.. I started off with a condom, but it broke.. he didnt pull out immediately and now my period is late.. And my period is like clock work... I hope the best for u all


... - March 20

Can the guy feel the pre-c_m?


Grandpa Viv - March 20

to ..., the guy might feel a little wet and think nothing of it. At that moment he is in a wet environment anyway! The ejaculation is what he is thinking about. The lubricating fluid from the Cowpers gland contains no sperm, but if the guy is a hold-back ace and controls his ejaculation for an extended period, some sperm and fluid from the prostate would likely be included. Just as likely, last moment withdrawal done one tenth of a second too late may give you a good squirt inside, even though it seems from the mess that it all ended up on your belly. We have had posts from married women who have used this as their only method for 2 years without pregnancy, and the failure rate is in the same ball park as v____al spermicides use alone. The devil is in the details - effective practice is extraordinarily difficult.


Alexa - March 20

My boyfriend and I have been together for more than 2 1/2 years and have been using the pull out method the whole time with no problem. I suddenly realized a few days ago that I missed my period! I am now on day 36 of my cycle, should have gotten my period about 8 days ago. Then I realized that we had s_x (he pulled out) on a day I was fertile last month. I've been peeing a lot, my appet_te has been insatiable, and I've been feeling a lot of slight cramping, not period like cramping but different, like little twinges in my lower abdomen, for about the past week. I also felt a little nausous today and last night. No other symptoms. I took a test on Friday and it was negative. Also, we had s_x yesterday and I noticed a little bit of old brown blood. I wonder if it may have been some old implantation blood that got dislodged. I wouldn't mind being pregnant, I've been feeling ready for a baby, but I know my boyfriend wouldn't want me to be. He's been having a lot of money problems lately. I guess if I don't get it in another week I'll take another test. Do you guys think I'm pregnant?



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