Anyone Testing Around The 24th Of Jan

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sashley - January 12

... and wanna wait with me? I *think* I ovulated on the 7th of this month and my period is supposed to show (hopefully not!) on the 23rd. So, I'm just waiting around til then hoping that this is the month. Anyone with a similar story or anyone just wanting to discuss signs/symptoms ... please join me!


marylynn78 - January 12

hey, i also am waiting to take the pregnancy test around the 20th. i ovulated on the 4th of january and am feeling some symptoms. have you felt anything?


sbea - January 12

I am due on the 24th and will be testing if I am late so Sunday is the day for me.


sashley - January 12

Hey! The only thing I'm feeling right now is sore b___sts, but I get this sometimes after ovulation. I'm guessing that if they stay sore past my period due date, then that's a good sign. Normally, the day my period comes, they loose the soreness. So, this symptom can go either way, I suppose. :-) What are your symptoms Marylynn? You are getting pretty close to when you can test! Cool. Sbea, what about you? Any symptoms? Thanks for waitin' with me ... helps keep me sane! :-)


DarmyLady - January 12

hey all-- welli guess im in the same boat as all of u.. my period is due on the 16 and i was lookin at my days and my boyfriend slipped up twice both on days that i would have been ovulating. im 25 and we have been together a while so a baby wouldnt be a bad thing i just want to know if the things in experiencing are signs of pregnancy.. here they are.. i had my nipples pierced for the last yr and they have been hurting so bad the last 2 days that i had to take them out, ive been exhausted and im bloated like no joke. ive been having little pains in my lower stomach and very mild cramps which in its self is not normal for me. when i normally have my period i have no pms absolutly nuthin so whatdo ya think?


sbea - January 13

sashley, I had alot of symptoms around when I o'd I am guessing. But since then nothing anything special. SO I am waiting for them to show up again. I am only on CD 22, so I have a couple of weeks to go. So maybe some symptoms will show. darmylady, You could be. What CD are you on? Do you know what day you O'd? Once you are 15 DPO you can test. Baby Dust to you all!


marylynn78 - January 13

well, believe it or not, i was feeling crampy the day after i had s_x. it sounds creepy but i already had an idea because i was pregnant before but had a misc. so know i am feeling the same symptoms. i don't want to a__sume and i am just waiting to take the test. my early signs were the cramps, tingly breats and sometimes they would itch. when are you taking the test?


marylynn78 - January 13

when should i take the test. i think i conceived the 3rd of january. very anxious but dont want to illusion myself again, since i had a miscarriage in november. i am defnitely having the symptoms. tingly breats, want to eat all the time, moody, emotional, crampy, tender breats, and a little runny nose. is anyone breaking out like me, i HATE it


sashley - January 13

Hi everyone! Sbea, your cycle sounds long! Anyway, I think alot of people do not have any symptoms until after they miss a period, so I would not worry. Marylynn, your symptoms sound great. And especially if they are similar to those that you had when you were pregnant before. When is your period due? You could either wait until you miss it and then test or test a few days early if you're really eager. What did you do before? Darmylady, sounds like it could be. You could probably test in the next couple of days. :-) As for me, I'm still experiencing sore b___sts. But, like I said, this could mean period or pregnancy. Who knows? Ugh. :-)


sbea - January 13

My cycle is about 32 days. So it is longer that 28 but oh well. I am waiting until the weekend if the 24th. I thought I was drying up but I am doing pretty good. Lots of discharge today.


TTCbabyGIRL - January 14

i'm also waiting for the 24th to test! my period is supposed to show (also, hopefully not!) any time from the 21st-23rd. Thing is, I had two periods in Dec and i don't know when i ovulated! anyone who can help, please go to my thread! it's brand new. thanks!


shermoro - January 14

i'd love to join you though I'm a little later. I think I ovulated on the 11th so I'm hoping to know right around the weekend of the 25th....... right now I have light cramping...


sashley - January 14

Sbea, 32 isn't bad ... for some reason I was thinking it might be in the 40s. Shermoro, you are definitely welcome to join us! TTCBaby, I read your other post and I'm not sure if you ovulated. All I know is that when I went of BCP, it took me about 3-4 months to get my cycle straightened out and become regular. So, if it were me, I would wait until about 28 days from the last time you had a period and if it still hasn't shown up then test weekly til it does. I think it could probably go either way. Have you been feeling any symptoms? Marylynn, forgot to metion in my earlier post that I am breaking out a bit too! But, this is another one of those things for me that happens between ovulation and my period. So, I can't count it as a definite sign yet. I know that alot of women have acne problems the first 3 months or so in pregnancy, so fingers crossed for you. :-) Nothing to report on my end ... oh, I've been super hungry! :-)


crystal0529 - January 14

Hello Everyone, I needed a lil help, I'm glad I found this sight. My last period was 12/20, since then I've had alot of headaches and uncontrollable food cravings. Ive wanted all diff foods at the same time and only eat a few bites and Im done. over the last week Ive gotten extremely sore nipples, like theyre in a vice grip! My BF noticed theyre red and tanner all around. My HPT was negative. I was in an accident in July & my hips/tail bone were broken & I received hip surgery so lower back and abdomen pains are normal now anyway. Could I be pregnant?


sashley - January 15

Hi Crystal .... I don't really know. When is your period due? The easiest thing to do is just wait and see if it's late, and then test if it is -- it's really hard to determine before that because pregnancy symptoms and PMS are very similar. Good luck!!!


Samara - January 15

I'm waiting to test. AF is due yesterday today or tomorrow for me. We've only been trying for a month, but I think I have some symptoms going, if I don't get AF by Saturday i'm going to test on Mon the 19th


Krissy68 - January 16

Hey ladies can I join in on the testing day. According to FF I can test on Jan 25 and I should get AF between Jan 26-28 my cycles are normally 29 days. Krissy68



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