Anyone Testing On March 20

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mhardstone - March 11

Hi, is anyone testing on March 20? If so have you had any symptoms leading up to this? I am 7dpo and have no symptoms whatsoever. fingers crossed for everyone!


krissy2006 - March 11

Hey there, I am testing on march 20th or 21st... no symptoms as I am only 3dpo...LOL... but 7dpo seems a bit early for symptoms anyway. Much luck and may March be the month for LOTS OF BFPS!!! and beautiful bouncing christmas present babies!!


carla123 - March 11

i am testing from anything from the 15th i am now 10dpo!! any of you got a chart?? mine is home/carlaj if you wanna take a peak. the only symptoms i have is light cramping and tingley bb's on and off. but not looking into at all yet!!! dont wanna get my hopes up!! good luck girlies!!


krissy2006 - March 11

home/krissy2006 GL Carla... I secretly snatched your addy last time you posted it and stalk you daily... LOL I am an addict... :)


krissy2006 - March 11

and by the way, your chart is looking B-E-A-Utiful!!!!!!!!!


whatisgoingon - March 11

I am due for af March 20th, if its a no show I will test lol I am 5-6dpo, give or take a day I guess. Ive had these funny twinges/pulling sensations *noticeable & like nothing Ive had before* constantly. All day every day for the past 4-5days. I really think something is in there trying to implant! Iv had nausea first thing out of bed in morning, which gets pretty shocking up until the point of eating, when it then disappears. Today was the first day I got nausea again in the afternoon for a few hours..not as bad as the morning episodes though. I really have a good feeling about this cycle! Its #5 ttc, I am 20 and my partner is 21, both healthy & hopefully fertile! I honestly did not think it would take this long.. but oh well, when the time is right I say!! Ive been charting this cycle, first time doing so. So we will see what happens! Good Luck girls!! xo


Erin1979 - March 11

I'm due for af around the 19th, so I'll be testing on the 20th as well!! I've been having sharp pains in my b___bs the last few days, and just a general bloated feeling. I am really hopefull this time!!!!


carla123 - March 11

thanks for looking at my chart krissy and thanks for saying it looks beautiful to!! yours looks pretty good so far looking forward to stalking that chart now he he!! xxx


whatisgoingon - March 11

What do you guys reckn of my chart? home hollzdollz. FF :) xo


Erin1979 - March 12

How's everyone doing today?? One more week until test time!!!


nurs2b24 - March 13

Hi ladies! I am new to all of this so where is it that you all are charting? I just O'd the 11th and this is my 3rd month trying...I'm hoping!


moos_xing - March 13

AF is due the 25th and I am 3DPO - I'm going crazy waiting and it's only been a few days! I can't wait to test! Good luck ladies!


whatisgoingon - March 14

Hey Girls, how are you all feeling?? I had a huge temp increase today, check it out!! home/hollzdollz. I hope it stays raised like that, yippee if so! he he. My b___bs r KILLING me today!! I have never experienced sore b___bs in my life so far, its like a really ban muscle sprain/sharp ache, its very uncomfortable..but hey its a symptom!! So that keeps me positive for hopefully a BFP nxt wk!! Still got stomach cramps/twinges going on..sort of used to them now, they also give me comfort..cos it means there is atleast "something" going on down there!! Ive also got bright blue veins on my chest leading into b___bs/nipples and down ribs..never had that before like this either.. Have the occasional nausea, mostly in the morning when I wake up,but it has occurred at night a couple of times.. But the thing that is frustrating me the most (yes, worse than the b___bs LOL) is the disturbed sleep patterns, I cant get to sleep at night, but then there is moments during day or afternoon where I am so tired I have to take a nap..grr! But yeah I feel really good and positive about this cycle, its #5 ttc, I just have this "feeling" Im going to get a BFP & that I am pregnant, here is hoping. It will be my first time!! :) Good Luck girls xo


whatisgoingon - March 14

bad** sorry not ban lol


Erin1979 - March 14

Hey ladies. How is everyone today?? I am starting to think that this is not the cycle for me. BOO! I feel bloated, but no b___b soreness like before. Hope everyone else is having good signs!!


aubrey - March 14

Hi everyone! I also plan to test on the 20th. i dont have a visible sign/symptoms right now. But im still hoping. Babydust to all.


Rena - March 14

hi ladies i am due to test around the 20th too the only real symtoms i have been having is going to the loo alot and getting tired like i need to take a nap but i am not going to get my hopes up will be testing next week sometime good luck to all you mums to be!!!!



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