Anyone Testing This Weekend

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Tarianna - November 22

Am I the only one that is due for af on friday or saturday. I used all my pregnancy tests so I have to wait until I get my blood test results on monday! Good lck to you all!!!!


b__terfly kisses - November 22

Hey Tarianna, my AF has been unpredictable last few cycles but I'm guessing somewhere between today and Monday for mine.... no sign of it yet! I am out of tests too and let me tell you that I attempted to feed my addiction but I couldn't buy any today as everything was closed when we were out! Good luck to you! :o)


Tarianna - November 23

Well, I have no sign of af either. I had a few zits a few days ago...and then I have had some constipation bt I guess that could be af too...I noticed tonight I was a tad crampy..... other than that no sign of grouchiness or nothing. Oh man, yesterday I kept crying over everything.....maybe a sign! Let me know if you get a test over the weekend. I am dying to know something. Sheesh this is harder than I remember! LOL


Macy - November 23

Good luck Tarianna & B___terfly, I'm rooting for you!! I have another week to wait, but I'm not feeling hopeful for myself anymore. It's been a stressfull month, with relocating to another city and starting a new business venture, so for me, probably not. I am feeling a bit teary and both bbs are hurting now (earlier this week it was just the one - seems like a common complaint). But this is probably more due to stress than preggy hormones. Ah, well - those Opk's sounds super anyway (lol), I'll get me some of those for the next cycle. But with all this positive energy floating around here, we all might just be lucky sooner than we thought. lol


ttc_#1 - November 23

Hi All... I am supposed to get my AF today. No sign of it though... hopefully it won't show up. I am planning to wait till Monday to test as I have heard waiting till 18DPO would give accurate results. I had sore bbs and sore nipples from 6dpo but they stopped about 10 dpo... had cramping from 6 dpo and was a little bad 13 and 14 dpo. Today is 15 dpo and cramping is there but much less than before and just have that feeling that AF is gonna arive soon. I just hope AF won't show up. This is my 2nd month of ttc. Baby dust to all of you trying and some to myself too :)


Tarianna - November 23

TTC #1....GOOD LUCK! I hope that you get your bfp soon! Today I am 13 dpo and couting....


ttc_#1 - November 23

Thanks Tarianna, Good Luck to you too!


shelly22 - November 23

i'm testing in the morning ladies!! Good luck to all!!


ttc_#1 - November 24

Hey All.... I gave in and tested tonight only and guess what!!! got a BFP within seconds... :) i am sooo happy and scared at the same time... i have read into this sooo much i am getting worried that i dont have any symptoms except for light cramping on and off.... i hope this is normal... please wish me good luck... baby dust to all of you trying.


Tarianna - November 24

No way, I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!


b__terfly kisses - November 24

omg! CONGRATS ttc#1!!!! Have a happy and healthy nine months and may we join you also!! ~babydust!~ That is the best news I've heard today!


Impatient - November 24

Yay for you ttc_#1!!!!! one girl down- many more to go- I hope we all get our BFPs just in time for Christmas as well- I'm 12dpo today- still no signs. . . I think I'm gonna make myself wait until Wed. morning to test. What about everyone else- anyone else testing anytime soon? Let us know how it goes!


ttc_#1 - November 25

Thanks Tarianna, I will pray for you to get BFP this time... Thanks b___terfly & Impatient, lotsa baby dust to you... Hope you all get your BFPs soon


Tarianna - November 25

Hey girls...this is so strange....I went to the bathroom this morning and checked my CP (t hs was around noon) and I had a teeny tiny streak of pink in my CM, now I have just creamy cm, NOTHING else, no pink no red and I am wonderinf if Af is coming or not. Has anyone else had spotting and then af NOT come.... and get a bfp! That was all it was, but today is 15 af should have been here yesterday or today at the latest, so I thought af was here, now she's not! Ugh, and no cramping or nothing. GRR


Macy - November 26

Oh, Yay ttc, that is such wonderlful news!! Congratulations, I hope this will be a wonderful nine months! Impatient, I'm on 9dpo now, but as you might have picked up from the other threads, I'm not too hopeful. AF is due on Saturday, so I'll try to only test on Sunday if AF stays away (but my resolve might buckle on Friday and I'll test just because). Anyone else testing this weekend?


Teddyfinch - November 26

if i were to test the day af would be due (never had a normal one but a month after the last one from the clomid) on the 29th. so that's thursday, but i'd wait until prolly saturday to test. i hate the wait! lol


Tarianna - November 26

waiting is soooo hard! I hate it with a pssion!!!!!!!!!!!! I will find out later today if I am or not. I hope that I get the test results today anyways, maybe tomorrow I will know for sure. Well girls I gotta get off here and get ready for my blood test!!!!! xcan't wait!



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