Anyone That S Used An OPK To Tell If You Re PREGNANT

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PromiseJubilee - January 25

Okay, being a peeonastickaholic, I just desided randomly this afternoon to take an OPK... and it was positive. It was positive like if I had been in the middle of my cycle I would have thought that I would ovulate tomorrow. But it's not. My period is due tomorrow. Does this actually work? was kind of vague about it. AND, even if it doesn't work, how likely is it that I would get a positive (for a LH surge) this close to my period?


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 25

Taking an OPK is how a good friend of mine found out she was pg for real. I woul dsuggest taking a HPT in the morning to see what you get.


PromiseJubilee - January 25

Hm. Okay.... I've heard of it before, but peeonastick cast doubt into my heart. LOL.


Lilee - January 25

I had a positive OPK right when I found out I was pregnant (which I miscarried, btw), so there's a good chance you might pregnant! Good luck!


PromiseJubilee - January 25

Eeeee!!!! Okay. We are not freaking out Prom. We are not freaking out. Breathing. We're breathing. Thanks girls. You make me feel so hopeful! Ohhhh... boy. Or girl. You know, whichever.


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

i got multiple positive opk's the day i got my bfp and 3 days later....very dark test line!


MrsShelton217 - January 26

My friend decided she was going to just see what would happen and compare each day's OPKs... so she went to the dollar tree and bout 30 of them. (total cost... $30.00.. oh how we love the dollar tree) Anyway... she started testing the day she started her period... of course it was negative... then she got her LH surge... then it was negative again as to be expected... and was up until the day before she was due for AF... she got a with out a doubt positive. She thought the test was bad, so she retested the next day (AF was due.) and another positive... So she took an HPT the NEXT morning... still no AF and she got her BFP


Lilee - January 26

PromiseJubilee - did you get your BFP? Please keep us posted! =)


stefkay - January 26

Promise, I tested this out and used the rest of my OPK's right after I got my bfp and for several days after and they ALL came up positive! I think it totally works.


layni - January 26

Yeah- it is a good sign!!!!!!!!!! Especially if it shows positive in the first minute, also they say if you take an OPK around the time AFis due and its positive that you are prego, because IF AF is coming the hormone that an OPK reads, drops dramatically, I bet you're prego!!!!!!!!


turtle - January 26

Here is info on Good Luck Just put the 3 d u's in front



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