Anyone To Wait Together

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shirly - June 20

my last af was 5/6/05. have been bding since 12/06 with two days gap. tis is my 9th mth of ttc. anyone to join in to chat & wait together???


shirly - June 20

forget to add that i hv been hving tis bad cramps on my tummy lately. might not be ovu coz my last two cycles were of 44days :(( but still, ttc gals r always full of hopes :))!!! anyone to join & wait together to be strength to each other???? :))


Me2 - June 20

I'll wait with you since I am also an irregular...My LMP was May 16 and still have nothing showing...My cycles have varied between 14-52 days...I have gone to the doc to see what they can do to help me out with a regular cycle...She told me on the 27th of May that I should do some BD'ing for that week ending June 4th. So we did for 3 days every other day so the 29th 31 and 2nd. I had some bloodwork done today and not going to get any results until Wed....I have been ttc for 15months...Good luck to you!!!


Audrey - June 20

Hi Shirly, I'm waiting too. I have an irregular cycle, last AF was on Apr 21 and I suspect I ovulated June 9. Had what I thought was IB from June 12-14. I plan to test within the next few days. We're trying again after a non-viable pregnancy that ended in m/c last Nov. Good luck to all!


shirly - June 20

glad to hv ur girls waiting togther :) Me2 & Audrey, hope to hear gd news fr both of u - do keep us posted! today'll b another bd day - ha! my 2 days bd cycle .. but quiet difficult coz i also found my mood swings pretty fast, so one moment quarrel w my dh, another moment i m ok - but'll b terrible for us to bd in tis condition! not sure whether i ovulated past days coz the temper really fluctuates! do u all feel the same???


Me2 - June 21

If the mod swings just think of the BDing as make up need a fast forward b___ton for my results...I know 2day is going to go by so slow just because. Good Luck Audrey & Shirly!!


Eliza - June 21

I am so glad to read a post of someone in the same situation as me. I was starting to think i was the only one. My last AF was May 4. I took an ept on the 16th, it was neg. but still no AF. My cycles are irregular so I don't know if I should get my hopes up yet. I am going to test again in a few days.


Me2 - June 21

I am getting a bit negative about the bloodwork results...I just came to my own decision that it will be negative...I just feel that the af wench is going to pop her ugly head anytime soon...I also don't think the doc is going to get back to me tomorrow either...Ok I know it sounds like I am being but that is my luck...If there was no bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all...


shirly - June 21

any news girl? yeh, irregular cycle makes pregnancy difficult, says my gynae yesterday. & don b stress & lose some weight if u r on the bigger side, said he also. anyway, lately i do lose fr my pilates exercise and dieting. girls, u shd try tat. if u r afraid of hurting the tummy or any sort, try the pilates for pregnant woman since precaution will b taken for this exercise. try it girls, i feel so good & relax fr doin the pilates exercise coz thru out the past 8 mths, i put on so much weight tat i feel so heavy :-)



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