Anyone Trying For Baby 2

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Nell4Him - June 19

well, my period has not gotten very heavy.. it stayed pretty light, but a little heavier than spotting. I just called the dotor's office and left a message for someone to call me and tell me the results of the pregnancy blood test the they drew on Thursday. Now I get to wait for someone to call me back.


Nell4Him - June 20

I think my bleeding stopped. Doctor's office never called me back. I guess I will know better tomorrow.


Jenny - June 20

Hi everyone! I'm 10 dpo today, might test on Friday. I have had sore bb since 7 dpo but I always get them. I did notice that on cd 21 which was 7 dpo that I had a string of ewcm so I am a little confused about that because I had a positive opk on cd 13. How is everyone else? Nell I hope you get good news. Staci are you going to test!!! Julie what about you, where are you at in your cycle, any symptoms?


Nell4Him - June 20

You know what... come to think of it.. my period started the morning after we bd'd. I wonder if that is just a coincidence? I know my best friend says that when she has s_x close to her period it can make it come quicker or later depending on if her hubby releases or not. She had her tubes tide after her last baby and he had a vasectomy from a previous marriage, so she can't have any more kids without surgeries.


Julie.N - June 20

Hi everyone, Staci did you test yet? Sounds like you could be getting bfp to me!! Jenny, not too long for you now then, i will keep my fingers crossed for you on fri! As for me i am only 3dpo so i have a while to wait yet, i am still really hoping i will get that bfp this month thou. Nell, so still no news from docs, are you going to call them tomorrow? At least then you will have a definate answer!


Nell4Him - June 20

Not pregnant. Oh well... wasn't good timing anymore. I will now start the bcp's. It will at least help regulate my periods again... I will be back in about 6 months when our situation is better. God Bless all and good luck.


staci - June 20

well girls, i am on cd 1 today. af finally showed. oh well, i knew it was coming! so my dr. upped my dosage of clomid and told me which days to bd on, that takes a little pressure off. so here's to another cycle of waiting, wondering and hoping! nell, sorry about your results!Jenny good luck! you don't have much longer to wait! Julie 3dpo isnt' to bad! only a little over a week before you'll know!


Julie.N - June 21

Staci, sorry af showed up. That really stinks. next month has gotta be your month now. Nell, Sorry about your results aswell, hope you keep well, and can ttc again really soon.


Jenny - June 22

Ok so I tested this morning on cd 25 and 12 dpo and..........bfp!!!!!!! I am shaking all over I do hope this is it for me. In my hole 11 months of testing I have never got a line from testing early.


TaraRN - June 22

Hi, Julie. We too, are trying for baby #2. We had a miscarriage on March 29 (twins). I was 7 weeks. Took me forever to get regular. Had to take provera. For the past 2 weeks I have had some signs, fatigue, mild cramping, slight nausea. I took 2 hpt yesterday and I saw a very very faint line. I thought maybe it was my imagination. Today, I have a slight brownish discharge. Haven't taken another test. Already a week late. Very frustrated.


staci - June 22

congrats jenny! wooohooo for you!


Julie.N - June 23

WOW, Jenny. Congratulations thats great news!!! Hi TaraRN, Sorry for your loss, but congratulations on your new bfp!!!


TaraRN - June 23

Hey Julie and everyone. No such luck, not this month. Started my GLucaphage treatment, will cross my fingers that this will be a good month. I conceived my fist child with Glucaphage.


Jenny - June 23

TaraRN sorry it has to be another month for you but I was wandering what is Glucaphage, I have not heard of it. I went out and bought another test an equate one and took it yesterday at 3 and it was a dark positive, so looked it up and by due date will be March 3rd 2007.


TaraRN - June 23

Good for you Jenny. Glucaohage is metformin. They use it to treat PCOS. I used it with my 3 yo and I jsut started it gain today. Keep your fingers crossed that it will happen this month!



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