Anyone TTC June 02 06

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Stephanie - May 19

If so keep this going so we can talk about it!! I have a daughter already (who was not planned) so this ttc is pretty cool!!! My daughter is 7, I'm 27. Anyways, good luck to all and have fun!!! :o)


Chriss - May 19

Stephanie, my af is due on June 04, but will probably be testing a few days early with EPT (first response) so I don't mind waiting with you. I don't have any children yet, so this is my first.


Mary Ann - May 19

Hi Stephanie. I am waiting to test in the beginning of June as well. I think it is great to have waiting buddies during this time. Good luck to you. :)


Marianne Mennie - May 19

btw, my AF is due May 30. But I will not test until at least June 1st. I want to wait until I have missed Af a couple of days. Plus, do not want to get my hopes up and get a BFN. Good luck to everyone. :)


Q - May 19

I'm waiting too. May 29-june 4 I'll test. I think ttc is cool too, I had no idea! My b'f and I are having fun with it anyways :) It's funny, cuz my whole life it was like, no don't get pregnant, and now I'm totally trying to ! weird!


Stephanie - May 19

I totally understand!! It's weird to have s_x w/out BC!! We have been married a bit over a year and a half and we've been together for four, and were always on BC.'s very weird! Well ~ **Baby Dust to All**~


Char - May 20

Af due june 1st... Wouldn't miss it one bit if it decided this was the month!!


amy w - May 20

hi ladies, i am waiting for the 2nd of june, however i already feel like it is going to be coming...instinct i guess lol, but more than happy to wait with everyone! good luck to all of us!


Chirma - May 20

Hi Ladies, I'll wait with you. I'm due for AF on June 4th, but I think I already O'd a couple days ago. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll do the same for you.


to all of you from amy w - May 23

how is everyone doing? any new developments as of yet? its so hard waiting isnt it? good luck to all of us, and fingers crossed tightly for those BFP's we all deserve!


kd - May 23

We are going to be ttc the 27th-1st, just to cover the dates. I don't think we've being doing it enough. So we are just a few days apart. How long have you been ttc? This will be our 3rd month. It looks like all you guys are testing around when I am ovulating. I don't get to test until the 14th at the earliest. Good luck to all!!!


stephanie2 - May 23

hi. i'll be testing around june 1st or 2nd, if i can wait until then. :o) it's great to have people waiting with you. i don't have any children yet either. i have been pregnant before, but ended in miscarriage at 13 wks. good luck to all!!



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