Anyone Used The New Pt E P T That Shows Or

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RAVEN - June 1

hi ladies...i was wondering if any of you had used the hpt E.P.T that gives you a + or - sign instead of the usual parallel lines...i just took one, and i see a faint postive line going across to complete the +, but i dont know if that is just do to the test working, or if it means positive? i have another brand at home, and was thinking of taking that one either later on tonight, or tomorrow morning with my FMU, but i am not sure, if i am getting my hopes up or not...i am due for af tomorrow, but have been experiancing some signs...just not too many, frequent urination, and extreamly moody and intolerant, when i am usually a very patient and forgiving person. i know that those can be signs of af also, but i am not ever to this extream lol...look at me, i am babbling, could you let me know what you think? thanks so much! and my fingers are tightly crossed!


Maggie - June 1

Hi Raven, I took the new e.p.t. also and it sucked. My results were definately negative, but I could barely read it. I think a bad batch of these tests got out. I would definately try the other test you have tomorrow morning with your first morning urine. Good Luck and *~*~*BABY DUST*~*~*!!!!!!


raven - June 2

thanks maggie...and thank you for the baby dust...good luck to you as well!


jue - June 2

I used the E.P.T hpt last weekend and got a second very faint line to make the + but I had also used a strip hpt test as well both came out positive and both were very faint but it was definately a positive. I am now 6 weeks pg from my last af but 4 weeks pg from ovulation. I have my fist dr app tomorrow morning. I am starting to wonder if I am carrying twins as I cannot wear my normal clothes because they are too tight around my belly, plus i am going to have to but a new bra as mine are too small now. congratulations on you positive hpt mommy. when are you due? :)


to jue - June 2

hi! congratulations! i hope that you are blessed with twins...that would be great! i hope that my test is an absolute positive as well! i will keep you all posted! thank you for your advice, and i will hopefully be reporting great news!


amarie - June 2

I took one this morning and it was +, but very light too. In the instruction book it shows the + being light and dark as being positive. So my guess is, we both are preggo, but very little hormone was detected


to amarie - June 2

thank you! and congratulations! i am going to the doctor on the 9th to get a blood test, so that will confirm one way or the other for me...i hope that it is a definate postive! again congrats!


to Raven - June 2

Congrats to you too, I know you don't want to get your hopes up, but from what i can tell with all the tests that I have bought...even a faint line is positive. I wanted to get a blood test too. I called the doctors and asked them for a slip to go to the lab and they gave me one. I didn't have to make an apt. Maybe your doctor would do that too, then you won't have to wait so long. I went this morning and should have results tommorow afternoon, I hope.



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