Anyone W Faint Pink Line Is PREGNANT

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m - February 1

Just going to let you ladies know that if you do have a faint pink line then that means you are pregnant!!!!!!! There usually will be a 1-800 number on back of the box you can call, if you don't believe it. But you better believe it and get ready for the bumpy ride and Congratulations to you all who do have a faint pink line or whoever else id pregnant and Good- Luck


Michelle W - February 1

m, I used to think that too. However, I have read on this site that a couple of women had been having faint positive lines but were not pregnant. Both of them even got their husband to test and they too were "positive"!! I'm not from the US so I didn't recognise the brand they both used (I'm pretty sure they were the same brand) but if someone could remember could you let us know. Up until I heard those stories, I too thought that positive meant pregnancy - now I'm not so certain.


Anon - February 2

I myself tested positive 2 months ago using First Response Early Detection. Found out after visiting my doctor that I was on my last day of O and it picked up my LH hormone. That HAD to be it, because I was (and am still not) pregnant. I have heard that FR Early Detection is so sensitive that it can actually do that.


E - February 2

I think the women who claimed to have positive tests with hubby's pee were FOS. They obviously felt compelled to lie to get their point across. I also think that some women think they see that faint, phantom pink line (while not preggo) b/c they are so desperate to be pregnant. Not all women, but some. Just my observations from having been on this board for the last 7 months.


Tara - February 3

exactly, I have taken a total of three test and one was darker than the others all were postive and also had blood work done twice and i am not pregnant at least that is what the doctors are telling me so i really don not have any faith in a home preg test anymore. It is actually disappointing. Just thought I would share this with you.


~m~ (not the original poster) - February 3

I think the key work there is "pink". And faint positive doesn't mean almost non-existent, it means light-but clearly there. Over the last few months, I have went from a FIRM NON-believer in evaporation lines, to someone who has now seen a few of them. I have taken an insane amount of hpt in recent months. I have gotten experimental with it, too. Yeah, I know, I'm bored! LOL Anyway, if the stick is exposed to the urine longer than needed, an evaporation line "can" appear. Not that it always will! When that happens, that line is SO d__n faint it's almost impossible to see. And it is absolutely colorless! Therefore, while a faint (but clearly evident) PINK (or any other COLOR)line most likely means pregnant, an "almost invisible" colorless line DOES NOT!! If, and this is a big IF, men are taking hpt, and then are seeing what they think is a positive line...... they obviously exposed the stick to way too much p__s, then saw an evaporation line. And I will second what E said... when a woman is desperate to be pregnant, she can make a speck of dust out to be a positive line. Believe me, I've experienced my share of desperation recently! Just like the ears hear what they want to hear, the eyes see what we want to see! So, m, I think you are right only in the most literal sense of your post. A true PINK line that is evident, no matter what angle you hold the stick at, does mean positive. However, an EXTREMELY faint line that you can only see from certain angles in certain lighting and that's really not colored up does NOT mean pregnant! Good luck everyone! :o)


JF - February 3

about 6 months ago I used first response early test and got a faint pink line ran out and bought a couple more tests all negative. I was not pregnant!!!!!! Then several months later was in fact pregnant and tested a couple of days before af and was neg. and I was pg. so go figure!


tara - February 3

I was just wondering when i took my three test that were positive i clearly the other two faint. How can hcg be present and then disappear. that just does not make sense to me. Then i took another and it was negative. Is it possible to have hcg stronger early on and not a few days later and then still be pregnant. Just curious can anyone help???


~m~ - February 3

Congrats JF! When I was pregnant, it was over a week AFTER af was due before I got a positive. hcg is a funny thing. That faint pink line you got probably wasn't pink. It may have just looked like it up against the dark pink control line. Anyway, congrats. :o) ----- tara, did you use the same kind of test on those separate days? I think when hcg goes down instead of up, it is not a good thing. I would go see your doc if I were you. Good luck!


ekay - February 3

I don't really think it is a good idea to tell women they ARE indeed pregnant by a faint pink line. There are so many variables. I had SEVERAL faint pink lines (Yes they were faint and pink, still got em) and was actually NOT pregnant. Had I read this post, I would be all excited and then when my period came, I would be scared out of my mind. I think it is unfair to get women's hopes up when it might not actually be a positive result. So, in my opinion, IF you do have a faint pink line, hopefully it is a desired positive, HOWEVER, if it is so faint, you might be unsure, or you have to take it out of the plastic holder, or you have to hold it in just the right light.....I would retest in a couple days.


~m~ - February 3

Just an FYI, when I got my first evaporation line, I, too, THOUGHT it was pink..... until I had an actual pink one to compare it too. Then it's obvious that the colorless line looked pink next to the control line, and pink tinged background. I still maintain that a TRUE pink and evident line means positive. Good luck to you all!


Tara - February 3

yes the three test i took were first response and one was clear the other two were faint my husband even seen the test and several others all stated there was no way that i was not pregnant then i went to the doctor and he stated my blood work was 7 and that meant it came back incomplete then i went back a week later and it came back negative but my mother was 6 weeks pregnant before she got a positive and i also know a lady where she was a little bigger than the average women and she went to her doctor and stated she thought she was preg and he did blood work 5 times over 4 months and stated she was not preg. then he diagnosed her with a stomach disorder and put her on 4 diff kinds of medication then sent for x-rays and could not find the problem so then he sent her for a catscan and when she got on the table the informed her she was 8 1/2 mnts preg two weeks later she brought home her baby girl. Now that is SCARY!!! so what is a person suppose to think every women is different and is there an actual way find out for sure if you infact are preg other than home teast and blood work????


~m~ - February 3

Tara - I would say the only other way would be if you could see the baby on an ultrasound (which takes AT LEAST 6 weeks into pregnancy).... or if you could hear a heartbeat with one of those doppler things. But still then, you'd have to know for sure you were hearing a baby's heartbeat and not your own. Anyway, very weird about your mom's friend! I don't see how bloodwork couldn't pick up the hcg at 3 weeks past conception, much less 3 months... or even 8. I guess stranger things have happened. There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, blood work doesn't lie. And as for hpt, they are less reliable than blood work.... but if used and interpreted correctly (a__suming that the hcg levels are there), a true positive result is normally indicative of pregnancy. Best of luck to all!


tara - February 3

well why would a body produce that hormone if you are not pregnant? I also called the nurse on the back of the first response and her words are "if there is a line any type of a line then it is positive" but i really don't believe that its true just because of my situation. so what am i really suppose to think in this case. and also very sory for being a bother. I know your not a doctor but anything will help.


SugarPie - February 3

Tara, I've heard of a handful of situations just like your friend!! Honestly, I think it comes down to old fashion intuition. I've seen women who were six months pregnant told they weren't pregnant, because the hormone couldn't be detected through blood nor urine. And in two cases it took X-rays that were supposedly given to find tumours in the uterus to show that there was a growing baby in their belly. It is truly frightening the incompetence of medical equipment and even medical professionals. And it is truly exhausting to go through it as a woman and not know what the heck is going on with your body.


Tara - February 3

Thanks alot, i really appreciate your feedback. I quess i will have to wait and see. i let you all know what happens if anyone out there has anymore suggestions then please let me know.


~m~ - February 3

You are no bother at all!! I wish I was more help. This is what my doctor told me. The body naturally produces other hormones that can "mimic" hcg. And this MIGHT give you a false positive. But he said that is only a possibility, not something that is common. So if in fact you do (or did) have hcg in your system, that could have been it. However, maybe the one test that showed positive was from a more concentrated urine sample, and the other 2 were from samples which didn't have a high enough concentration of hcg. Meaning, that maybe indeed you are pregnant. It's all so tricky. I know the waiting game sucks! I hope you are pregnant. How late are you? Or are you late yet?



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