Anyone Waiting For Af Around The 8th Of August

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anon - July 25

Hi, ive been trying to get pregnant for over a year now but every month i get the dredded period. Hopefully this month it will be different. If there is anyone else that is expecting theirs to show around then could share their experiance with me if they wish because i know how hard it is to wait on your own. I need a af buddy lol


Heather - July 25

Anon - I am expecting mine around the 5th or 6th of august, not as far as the 8th but pretty close. My husband and I have been ttc for two months and I would realy like to turn out preggo this month. I have some symptoms but I am affriad to talkabout them becuase then if I am not preggo I will feel stupid! have you had any syptoms yet? I know its early but some people get syptoms real early. baby dust your way! Its so nice to have people to wait with during this time!


Dawn - July 25

Hi Anon...I'm due on the 8th. I'm 4-5 DPO today and having pinching twinges in my lower abdomen all day...I hope this is it!! What are your symptoms?


anon - July 25

well the other day my right nipple was itching all day and ive been needing to wee alot (sorry bout the detail lol) but apart from that there the only symptoms ive really had. heather dont be affraid to talk about the symptoms you are experiancing ive thought that i have had symptoms before then came on my period. everyone gets them but sometimes there just symptoms of af but if were getting them this early on then maybe its something more (fingers crossed) dawn they sound promising. i wish the 8th would hurry up and come and pa__s lol


Dawn - July 25

Anon & Heather...lets wait together because I'm going out of my mind!! Baby dust to you both!


anon - July 25

same ere dawn, i cant wait to see if i miss this period or not although i dont want to get too excited because i know what it feels like to get your hopes up and then have them knocked back down when your period arrives. maybe its all the excitement and stress of trying to get pregnant that is making it harder to actually get pregnant? only time can tell i suppose. im excited but i dont want to be if you get me. i just want a baby lol


kefy - July 26

hry guys im spossed to start on the 7th and my tummy is cramping since yesterday. ive been ttc for 2 months and this is mmy 3rd so i hope things will be fine this month i really need a lil one yunno, my hubby wnts me preg gud luck to yall and les keep updating each other ,lots of baby dust too


Monique - July 26

I am supposed to get mine around the 5th too!! It's our 2nd month ttc after having my first mc in May. Good Luck to all of us! (big smile)


anon - July 26

anybody got anything new to report? Any pregnancy indicating symptoms? if so let me know about them. I have no more symptoms yet but im looking out for them. trying not to let my imagination run wild lol. hi kefy and monique.


Colleen - July 26

Hi everyone..I am due on the 8th or so as well. I am on day 16 now, and should O on tomorrow on day 17 (I have been using Clear Blue monitor and it seems I O on day 17 most months)...My dh and I have BD'd on day 11, day 13, and day 15. Hopefully, this will work. We have been ttc for 2 months using the monitor, but have been ttc for a few months prior to the monitor. I had a pain so bad on my right side I thought I had appendicitis. It only last for about 10 min, but I have never had pain like that before. Since I havent O'd yet, it could have been that as well. Today and yesterday I was dizzy a few times, and have been going to the bathroom more, but we all know how it is when we want something so badly that your mind really does play tricks. Good luck to everyone on this thread, I hope we all are happy the 1st week of Aug with good news!


Dawn - July 26

Anon & all...keep us updated on symptoms...we're all on the same timeframe so this will be very helpful! I'm getting nervous...For the last 3 days I've been nauseaus, dizzy, crampy, tingly all over, sore achy b___sts and tired....I've NEVER EVER been this nauseaus in any of my cycles before. I bd's 3 times during O, so I'm hoping/thinking this could be's everyone else doing??


kefy - July 27

anon holla at y girls hey im juss waiting in anticipation unno stil have crampings but tdy its a bit better but i still feel them if i breath in , my b___bs have grown a lil bit , les keep each other posted, lots of baby dust


anon - July 27

hey, my b___bs havent changed in size or shape but i have an itchy nipple lol. i have been feeling sick for a few days now but i havent actually been sick, it happen most of at at night when im lying in bed. ive heard of morning sickness but i dont think thats it cause its at night lol. maybe its just b___terflies lol. i have been needing to pee alot though but maybe thats just my imagination. anybody else got similar symptoms?


Dawn - July 27

Anon- morning sickness can come at any time of day, and that's when I've been getting it most over the past 4 night. I also have that same "b___terfly" feeling in my stomach. It's a constant feeling, it doesn't come and go. I know there's something definately going on because I thought it could be me just thinking too much about getting a BFP and making myself anxious, hence the b___terfly feeling, but even when I don't think about it, I still have the twinges and feelings down there. My b___bs have also started to hurt constantly since last night. I think I'm about 8 DPO...good luck to you!!!


bec - July 27

period is due around the same time as you ladies and i would love to wait with you all. this is my 5th month ttc. it is my first month using the clear blue fertility monitor. i ovulated on the 24th so i think it is way to early to see any signs. still bd'ing just in case.


Colleen - July 28

Well, as my 7-26 post said, I thought I would ovulate today (cd17) but I didnt, so I am hoping I will tomorrow. DH and I are still bd'ing so hopefully the timing is still right. I have never o'd this late according to the Clear Blue monitor, so now I am concered that I might not O this month at all... Does anyone know if you O late in your cycle that it means your AF will be delayed or do they have no relation to each other ?


Monique - July 28

Here are my symptoms: swollen b___sts (but no tenderness), lower back pain, cravings for FAT ie: grease (I just had my first Big Mac in years! lol), cramping on my left side, and constipation (which happened last time before my mc). I'm starting to wonder if these symptoms are psychological because we want this so badly!! But I'm so anxious for next week I don't know what to do with myself!! I'm at the point where regardless if af shows up or not... I JUST WANNA KNOW!! LOL. Anyone else going a little crazy??



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