Anyone Waiting For AF Aug 3rd Or 4th

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Deb - July 20

Hey girls..anyone waiting for AF Aug 3rd or 4th and want to wait with me?


MARIE - July 20



Annie - July 20

I am waiting for AF Aug 4 - 6. My dh and I have been ttc since this is our second month. I should O thils week sometime and we are BD'ing every night just in case.


jez - July 20

Im waiting for no af aug 5th... This is our 5th month trying we had a miscarriage in may.I hate the wait it kills me everytime!


stephanie - July 20

Hey, Im waiting for to get no period on the 3rd or 4th of aug.... I want to test really bad but its too soon. I have tender b___bs not to tender there swollen & soft. Usually after I ovulate and getting eady for my period there hard...I have lots of white and creamy discharge no burning or iching...My stomache feels full and heavy..I have sharp fast pains in b___sts.. My back lower hurts like it does before period comes...I have head ache.. I think my nipples are getting darker....I really hope Im pregnant...! Anyone else that is pregnant and have had these signs?????Wish me luck to you all....


marie - July 20

yesterday i had some creamy discharge and for the past 3 days my tummy has been feelin a lil not normal and ive experienced some o was the 15-18 and we have bd just about everynight im not experiencing darker b___sts or soreness..not that i know is supposed to be here aug. 4th.lets hope it doesnt!


Heather - July 20

Sure, I'll wait with you, mine is due 8/6/05 - I am hoping it never comes! how long have you been trying to get preggo?


tina - July 21

hi all yup i am in the same boat mine is due between aug 3rd and 6th, praying it doesnt come, i had a spotty one in july on the 9th and it lasted a couple of days, everyone i see says i am about a month or two pregnant but the d__n test keep comin up neg. i feel a wonderful feeling inside my lower belly. and thats the only place besides my b___bs that growing,,,the other wonderful thing about this is i am 43 and the last baby i had was 21 yrs ago.


Deb - July 21

Heather....I am due Aug 4th and on our 5 mth ttc. Hope this is it!! Steph - Yeah way to early to test!! Lets all wait together and see how long we can hold out to test! Tina - I had the SAME THING last month!!! I am usually 4-5 days and only had 2 days of light spotting. Even took a hospital pregnancy test that came back positive but the blood test was negative. Weird hugh?


tina - July 21

hey, thanks for responding. due u have any of the signs i described,,,i mean what else could make ya feel good like this, yeah its a baby pouch like belly and the flutters r strange feeling but i cant help but think the doc at the hos. was a nut case and as for the doc office blood test i heard they rnt really reliable even from thenurse who took the blood,,,,she was so excited i thought whe was gonna do the hercules dance, jumpin up and down sayin omg ur preggo, when she saw me walk in or as she called it waddle in lol


Deb - July 21

So wait did you finally find out you are prego?? Yeah I am naseous, bloated (pouch), EXHAUSTED and sore b___bs. I just figured I would wait and test if AF is late this month. Have you tested recently?


tina - July 21

im waiting for aug. 2nd. this is our first month of trying. i didnt think waiting around a___lizing every feeling in my body would be soooooo hard. JEZ.. your a stong woman. im sorry about your lose. i hope it happens for you this month. ill say a prayer for all of you! i dont like i can do this for 5 months. im way to impatient! i want to know NOW!!!


Heather - July 21

It is so nice to have women that are going through the same thing to wait with! Marie - yea, its still to early to test, I am waiting for Aug. 6 and I would love to test now, but I think only a pfn would show so I am waiting..we should see how long we can wait until we test! Annie - I am in the same boat as you, my dh and I have only been trying since June! have fun BDing! Jez - I'm so sorry about the m/c - the wait does stink, at least we can wait together! Stephanie - how long have you been trying? Marie - my tummy has been off since I ovulated - I wonder if your having the same problem? Tina - wow 21 years between your babies!! Did you try to get pregnant? If you turn out not being pregnant will you try again? Deb _ I totally agree with waiting as long as we can to test _ I waste so much money on pregnancy test to only be dissapointed by the pfn and my period following....everyone have a good day and don't think about the possible pregnancies!! ~*baby dust*~


Deb - July 21

Yeah I am impatient too..but I am trying to be patient this month. Just cant help but wondering what is happening inside me! Wish we could see if the swimmers made I think I ovulated within in the last 2 those days were covered. My husband and I bp'd 3 days before ov and 2 days after. So we'll see in time. Afraid to test too early and be dissapointed so I will just wait and see if I am late. It wil hard though!! AF should come anywhere between Aug 2-5th.


tina - July 21

no heather we were'nt really trying we were just havin fun rekindling the marriage, after 3 yrs of my being unable to preform due the death of my oldest daughter in 2002,i caught my husband online messin with a b**ch from canada, and after i fried her pc and told her she wasnt gonna get him, and i showed him her post to me about how she was comin for him, i just decided i needed to make a change in myself and showed him i can look like i did 20 yrs ago and then told him to try which of course the man looses his and cant really do that, we decided to rekindle and here i am am gaining weight, in the lower abdomen and have this wonderful feeling goin on inside, i as i said before look pregnant and feel very pregnant,,,,,


stephanie - July 21

This whole waiting thing sucks..Ive been trying for 3 years and no luck..I started fertility blend at first of cycle Hope it works! I have all signs except throwing up once and I while I get nausia...Anyone know how long it takes for your nipples change colors?????? And is it true if your prego ur cervix is high and soft? MMines high and kinda hard I guess. I cant really tell the diff between my nose and closed though..BEst luck to you all & to me...HOpe no af on the 3rd or never


Heather - July 21

Tina - congrats on rekindling your marriage, I hope your af never comes. Good thing you put the cannadian in her place - no woman deserves to be cheated on! Stepahnie - what is a fertility blend? Deb - we aare both waiting for our af's around the same time - stay tough - don't test to early and hopefully we will be preggo!



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