Anyone Waiting For Af Feb13

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LoVeLyMoMmY - February 5

Hey is everyone doing??..I have not been on in a long time..I am currently taking an Anatomy and Physiology and Human Growth and devleopment classes so i never have any time!!!...well anyway I was seeing if anyone is due for AF on Feb 13??.. i have no idea when I O'ed due to the fact that i never have any time to track and DH and I decided to take it as it comes right now..but we have been bding every oher night....I don't have the time to opk or temp because i have to be on POint with my classes...Those of you who know me from a long time ago How it going???...and those of you who don't know me HOw is it going??..have a great day!!!


krismit - February 5

hi Lovely!!! I am waiting for my AF on Feb 13th also!! I am pretty sure we didn't time it right this month!! Well I know when i o'ed but we did it 3 and 2 days before and thats it. So I am not too sure about this month, though i still get excited and hope:) I don't chart either but I have used pok's. though i didn't this month, Sounds like you are a busy woman!!! You already have kids? How many?? well have a great day! I am sure we will be chatting waitkng on our BFP's or AF's!!!


carla123 - February 5

hi i am due for af on the 8th so not long now!!! i hope i am and i know when i ovulated i also have 35day cycles. x


LoVeLyMoMmY - February 5

I think that i o'ed on the 31...i am not 100 percent though..but we bd'ed the27, 29, 1, 3, and we got some days covered..but i am not stressing..yea i have a DD shes 3..and yes i am very biusy...i used opks before and got pregnant the first time i used them...i did end up miscarrying though..actually cycles changed drastically after that i used to O exactly on the 14th of each month..but now my cycles are a day or 2 longer than before and the flow lasts almost 10 days!!!!.. varying in heaviness..but enough of me..Kris do you have kids?..but its all about timing so who knows i trying not to pressure DH or myself..if its meant to happen it will...alothough it is hard!!!..but i got alot to do so that helps!!!


krismit - February 7

hi Lovely!! No, I do not have kids we are trying for baby #1!!! I am trying not to stress about things either!!! I was a little crazy when we first decided to start trying but I have laid off a little!! i am using OPK's and trying to bd around that time but thats about it:) I am sorry about your miscarriage that is a terrible thing to go through I am sure!! I wish you a lot of luck!!! I am actually pretty calm this 2ww. I think because we didn't bd like crazy aound ovulation this time! We were more about just enjoying eachother and what ever happens happens!!.... Good luck Carla keep us posted!!! Talk to you all soon!!!


izechsmama - February 8

girls.. you should come over to testing in a few days send us some baby dust.. we are all due for AF in the next few days.. i'm due for mine on Valentines Day! but i'm going to test on Monday.. and if its a bfn i'll test again on wednesday.... come over there if you want.. and chat and get some baby dust.. :)



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