Anyone Waiting For No AF June 10th Ish

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eilis - May 29

i feel like i'm going crazy! so here is my story. this is my first ttc and i am 32. i am 5/6 dpo and as of yet have not had any real symptoms that i am positive about. i have had a st_tch in my side and the occasional sharp pain in my bbs. so i find it easier to hear from other women what they are experiencing so please feel free to share.......


Chas - May 29

Hi ellis, I am 4 dpo, due for af around june 9 or 10th. I just miscarried two months ago and we are actively trying again. I am hoping for a bfp soon. I think it is too early for you to be experiencing any symptoms yet. When I was pg, I didn't really get any until my period was late. The first symptom was fatigue. MAJOR !! keep me posted.


Cooper - May 29

Hi, eilis and Chas! I hope you don't mind me waiting with you. I am actually 10 dpo and will have the good or bad news by Thurs or Fri.(when AF is due). I know that I am ahead of you by a week, but I could really use a buddy! My DH and I are ttc #1. I don't really have any symptoms to speak of except for some mild cramping. Babydust to you both!


sweetestchic - May 29

hi i am 4 dpo .. due for af on june 8-ish ... i have been having sysmptoms since 1 dpo! ... i am ignoring them now since they are just making me think too much :)


shannon5980 - May 29

Hey all i am due for AF on June 7th. I hope you dont mind me waiting also. I started having a little cramping in my abdomen since 2 dpo other then that nothing.


dedaa - May 29

Hello all.We are currently ttc#3 my af is due 9th of june as well.. I already have two boys one is 5 the other is 6 1/2 months so hoping maybe for a babygirl. Hoping for BFP for us all. Lots of BABYDUST to all.


eilis - May 29

so happy to have so many waiting buddies! i am not feeling very positive about this cycle and i am trying not to let my mind play tricks on me as i have read can easily happen...its very difficult not to second guess every little burp and cramp isn't it? so glad to have you all dust to all...and heres to sharing symptoms leading to many june BFPs!!! :)


KimS - May 30

Hi Ladies... like Cooper I am a little ahead of you guys, today I am 9 dpo. This is my 3rd cycle ttc#1, I don't have any symptoms other than my b___sts being sore, but I get that with AF anyways so who knows. THe good news for all of you is that the thread I was on last month had 3 or 4 BFPs!!! so hopefully that happens again this cycle!!! I am actually feeling fewer "symptoms" this month than last.... maybe that's a good sign? that I am feeling different? who knows I am a bit of a POAS addict so I will probably start testing tomorrow at 10 dpo ... even though it's pretty early... I can't help myself!!! anyways baby dust to all!!!


eilis - May 30

Well not sure if no news is good news because I don't feel anything. Not even the normal pre-O bb tenderness, no pings or moodiness. Weird..not sure what that means. Nothing to do but wait! I am soooooooooo impatient! :)


mdejesus - May 30

Ok, I am pretty new at all the lingo so if you do not mind what is a AF; ttc; dpo; cd, etc. Please forgive my ignorance.


dedaa - May 30

Hi Ellis I was in the same boat as you a month ago did not have a clue I think this is right though.AF- would be Aunt flow meaning your period.CD- is your cycle day.DPO-is days past ovulation. TTC- trying to concieve I think that is them i can`t think of any others at the moment hope this helps you. I found most of the meanins on


dedaa - May 30

Yes then there is BFP- bif fat positive, then there is BFN- Big fat negative


mdejesus - May 30

thanks it helps a lot


dedaa - May 30

Soory not( Ellis) I mean Mdejesus


mdejesus - May 30

no problem thanks.


mdejesus - May 30

So how many days of dpo do you wait until you get a pregnancy test?


shannon5980 - May 30

I have a silly question. do you count the day of ovulation when u are counting dpo? For example I ovulated on May 24th so does that make me 6dpo or 7 dpo?



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