Anyone Waiting For No AF June 10th Ish

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shannon5980 - May 30

I have a silly question. do you count the day of ovulation when u are counting dpo? For example I ovulated on May 24th so does that make me 6dpo or 7 dpo?


dedaa - May 30

Im not rewally sure about that one i think it is the day after ovulation u start though.


Chas - May 30

yes, you count the day after ovulation as 1dpo. I am currently 5 dpo, no signs except fatique. Kim, any news yet? Yes, I am hoping you brought luck from the other thread!! We need lots of luck and plenty of sticky baby dust


Cooper - May 30

Hello! Well, I am 11dpo and keep running to the bathroom to see if I've started spotting as this was the day I started spotting last month (no spotting yet!!). My temp is still up, but that is usually the case until AF shows her face. KimS - I have no obvious symptoms either. My bbs don't hurt at all and they usually do so we'll see. Keep the faith, everyone!! Babydust!


Dee - May 30

day of ovulation is counted as dpo1


nicksmmy - May 30

Hello ladies I hope it is okay I join in. I am going to be 28 on Sunday and I am hoping to be able to tell my family I am expecting my 2nd baby. I have a 4 1/2 yr old son. I have been charting, temping for the last 3 months. this month I just got sick of it and just went by how my body felt. I am a little ahead of all of you and am now 11 dpo. I am going to wait to test on Thursday or Friday. this month I feel nothing, except the sore bb's and excessive discharge(sorry tmi). I am also having twinges in my lower stomach, and I am running to the bathroom all the time. so heres to all the BFP-baby dust and good luck.


KimS - May 31

Good morning ladies.. well I did test this morning at 10 dpo.. and bfn.. I knew it was too early but I just can't resist!! Chas I hope I bring good luck too for everyone (including myself heheheheh)... baby dust for all!!


Nell4Him - May 31

May I join too? I was orignially expecting AF June 8th and was going to test the 10th, I thought I ovulated last week, but it seems that I did yesterday. I am not using charts or tests to determine ovulation. I just usually notice the discharge. Also, with the discharge, there was (yesterday) a little bit of pink mixed in with the clear. Unsure what this means. I had miscarriage 2 mo ago and (if not prg) going to start birth control this cycle. I have had issues with UTI's and need to have them taken care of before preg. My emotions are all over the place. Want to be preg, but unsure if it's smart. Going insane wondering.


Cooper - May 31

Hi, Ladies! Well I'm at 12dpo - the day I usually start spotting, but nothing as of yet. I am due for AF tomorrow. My temp went way up this AM when it usually is on the way down so I will test tomorrow if my temps stay up. Sorry about the BFN, KimS, but it's so early, you definitely still have a chance for that BFP. Welcome, Nicksmmy and Nell4Him!


shannon5980 - May 31

hello ladies, i am just checking in..i am not 7dpo and to be honest i feel no different. how about anybody else?


Chas - May 31

Hi Shannon, I am 6 dpo, no real symptoms. Maybe just tired.... the waiting is killing me !!


shannon5980 - May 31

Chas, i know the waiting killing me also...its funny because this is the first time in my life that i want to wake up sick and hope maybe my breakfast wont stay down...haha that will be a sure sign. I bought a box of first responce test. I know its way to early to use it but i like to have them ready for the day i can test. How good are those test anyway?


Nell4Him - May 31

Well, my dischg is now more mucusy with brown, pink and clear... anyone else ever had this? It's all new to me... my urologist looked at me today, they needed a urine sample and I told her what was going on. Anyway, she said that my cervix looks normal and that my discharge isn't 'nasty' looking. She of course suggested I talk to my physician about it. I will call tomorrow for an appointment or consult over the phone or something. I just wanna know if anyone has had this type of discharge before. Thanx.


Nell4Him - May 31

I like to use EPT or First Response.. there is a web site I found that tells you the amout of hcg each test can detect, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I'm sure you could google if you really wanna know.


MrsBurger - May 31

Hi I'm 9DPO my cycles have been anywhere from 28-34 days so the 9th is my test date making me CD35. I haven't really had any symptoms actually more of a lack of symptoms compared to other cycles so Im hoping that is a good thing!


eilis - May 31

hey girls, well i'm now 7dpo..almost 8 acutally. for the last 2 nights i have woken up at 3am with night sweats for the first time in my life..not sure if thats a symptom or not. the only other thing is weird pains in my armpits? not sure...the wait is on! :)



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