Anyone Waiting For No AF June 10th Ish

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nanders - June 19

Beth I'm with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had it too, i'm sick and tired of the emotional roller coaster!!! Happy, sad, angry!! I know for me that i'm going to take a step back and just concentrate on the things I've put aside ttc. I'm in the same boat as you, no bfp and no af!!! I don't know what the hell is going on. I'm going to try and concentrate on the things that make me happy. I love coffee and i haven't been drinking it ttc, so i'm going to have a latte if I want one, I'm going to go out with friends, I'm going to paint, concentrate on me for a while!! The first thing i'm going to do is book myself a ma__sage, I deserve it!! Try to concentrate on your favorite things and pamper yourself!!! I think the thing that makes the most angry is that my doc and the nurses don't understand what it's like!! Your'e just trying to hard, you have to wait at least a year before we can do anything for you!!!! I've had enough and i'm taking a break!! My heart goes out to you, and know that your'e not alone in your frustration! !


tippykitty - June 20

Beth and nanders. I know how you both feel. I got 3 positives so went to the dr Friday and he confirmed I was pg. Woke up this morning with the worst cramping I have ever had. Went back in to dr and was already having a m/c. Guess it is back to trying for me in a few months. Going to spend the rest of the summer getting done with everything I have put off doing then start ttc again in the fall. Good luck to both of you.


ashleyd - June 20

Tippy, I am so sorry :( I have a is CD34 (still nothing)...normally my bbs get sore about a weeek before af, but not this bbs just got tender this morning. Has anyone had this where they didnt get really ANY signs of anything?


caligrl03 - June 20

Tippy, I'm so sorry to hear that. I went through a mc last year and it's so hard. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask:)


bethtwo - June 20

well, i don't know what to do. i guess i am going to start charting everything. i saw a basal body thermometer at target for only 10.00, but i don't know if i want a cheap one. it needs to be good! i started having some bleeding today. nice of it to finally show up after spending so much time and money and halfway stroking out over it. we'll see if it's the real deal or not this time. periods suck! i want a baby. all these people get pregnant with no problem, and here we are obsessing over it. two people at the dr's office yesterday told me that i must be pregnant if i had bfp's. well, maybe i'm mc'ing. who knows. they also told me they're both "fetile merile's" stupid.


Seredetia - June 20

I'm going to pipe in girls. ;) I had posted in these forums about 6 months ago because I SWORE I was pregnant. I still don't know what the heck was wrong with me, but I definitely wasn't pregnant. Now I am! :) Just got a BFP on June 17th! I had tons of emotional symptoms. I thought I was going crazy and was going to schedule an appointment with a therapist to find out why the heck I was so stressed out! My face was swelling and it added to my stress...thought I was turning into a "fatty." Also, I've been extremely tired and listless..not wanting to do ANYTHING but eat. lol. I go to the dr. tomorrow to confirm the pregnancy!! My husband won't believe the tests until I go to the dr. Congrats to everyone on this thread!


ashleyd - June 20 the night progresses, I'm cramping more...but it's in my towards my Still no sign of AF, CD34...bbs are starting to kill me...I'm guessing that means at some point she's going to come...I doubt if I were pregnant my bbs would wait this long to start hurting.


caligrl03 - June 20

well, no luck this month. af decided to show up (and let me tell you, she was not welcome!!! :) ) Hopefully next month I'll have better luck. Good luck everybody!


eilis - June 20

well its confirmed! the blood and urine test from our family doctor came back today positive and hcg levels looking good. i won't see by ob now until july 10th. feeling great actually aside from the heartburn!!! yikes! we haven't told anyone yet and probably won't until at least after the appt with the ob, maybe then we'll tell our closest friends only. trying to figure our how to tell our families...they are going to freak! this will be the first grand child on both its huge news. my mom is going to go crazy since we have been married for 7 years and she's been waiting somewhat patiently. anyway i've been on the first trimester board but check in here to see whats new and to give my best to everyone here! baby dust and much love.


Nell4Him - June 20

Okay, it's confirmed... I'm not pregnant. I guess this bleeding really is a period, although it's pretty much gone. Kind of an unusual period for me. But blood test says I'm not pregnant, so I guess I will start with the bcp's. I will be back in about another 6 months. =) Good luck to all who are ttc and happy 9-ish months to those who succeeded.


jldaniels - June 21

EILIS, I'm so happy for you. I haven't been on here in a while so I didn't know until today. Anyway, hope you will join me on the 'First Trimester' forum under <Is anyone due around Feb 20 2006> I think that sthe name of it but its something like that. Jamie


dedaa - July 29

Just thought I would see how evryone is doing?


dedaa - July 29

It has been awhile since we have all had a chat. Im now 11 weeks pregnant and I got to hear the heartbeat a couple weeks ago. Getting excited and impatient to feel some movement. Hope everyone is doing well.


bethtwo - July 30

congratulations dedaa! i'm still waiting for a bfp, i should be ov'ing by fri. i'm having some ewcm, but my ov kit still has a very faint line, so it's not here yet. i'm hoping this is my month! i'm now in a new thread with some wonderful ladies and things are going pretty well. sneak in to visit in the "July 18th ladies..." we have one other pregnant person in with us, and it's lots of fun.



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