Anyone Waiting For No Af June 16th Ish

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nanders - June 11

Hello! I have been following the "no waiting for af june 10 ish" forum and thought it was a good idea to start one for no af june 16th ish. It is a wonderful thread and I'm so happy for all the bfp!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what date exactly af is expected but I think around june 16 or 17. I beleive I am about 8 dpo, as my bbt was up quite a bit around may 17. I am hoping of course that this is my dh and I month to have a bfp this month!! But the real reason I am writing this is that I am in need of some support. We have been trying to concieve for over 9 months and I'm feeling like I am never going to get pregnant. I'm the only one of my friends that isn't pregnant or have small children. I won't write too long , but anybody that would like to wait with me or just chat is more than welcome. Thanks. @{----


ashleyd - June 11

I'm due June 18th.


tippykitty - June 11

Hi nanders. I actually posted on the other thread, but I saw yours and had to respond. I am due for af around the June 14 or 15 but I have so many signs I am hoping she doesn't come. My DH and I have been trying since right after we got engaged so it has been almost six years. We could never afford any real treatments until this year because our insurance didn't cover it so we have been going at it solo. I had never even really tried charting or using opk until last month. We were at the point that we had almost given up and had even scheduled an appointment with an adoption counselor. I told him I wanted to try 1 more month. Well, that 1 more month may have been the right choice. Sometimes it feels like it will never happen, but don't let it get you down. Good luck!


staci - June 11

Hi nanders! I am due for af on the 18th..fathers day-yuck..she just had to pick that day! Anyway, we have been trying for 13 months now for #2 and I am reallllyyy hoping this is the month..dh and I are about pooped out emotionally! right now I am 6dpo.


Anna B. - June 11

Hi nanders! I'm due for af on June 16/17 and hoping it doesn't come. Dh and I have been trying seriosuly for 9 months and I'm on my 5th round of clomid. I'm 7 dpo today.


mgn - June 11

hello all (thanks for starting this new thread nanders) i am due for af somewhere around 20th. nanders, my dh and i have been trying for a year as of this month. it is hitting me hard this month b/c all u read is to contact a specialist after a year of no success. i understand how frustrated you are. it is on my mind EVERYDAY ecspecially during the 2 weeks after ovulation before af. i wish i could tell u something to make u feel better. everyone around me seems to be having babies so easily also. why cant we? the question is like a plague. we decided we are not going to a specialist until 3 or 4 mre cycles pa__s. just keep your head up and keep trusting in god (if u believe) when the time is right, your baby will arrive. what helps me is that i just try to enjoy the moment were in instead of looking at it as bad. there are positives to trying for awhile. it tests your relationship and thereby brings the two of you closer. may not seem that way now but that which does not kill us only makes us stronger. sorry for such long post. may all our baby dreams come true this month!


Citrine - June 11

Hi all - I'm expecting AF June 18th ish. TTC#1. 9/10 DPO. Was certain there was no chance in the last few days, BFN a few days ago (too early anyway I guess) but am going to try to stay cautiously optimistic this coming week. I'm sure someone will be lucky!


tonia - June 11

Hi Nanders, I a due(not) for af around June 14th! No symptoms, other than no sore 's and some slight nausea, oh an starting around 6dpiui cramping, and one day of real af like cramping around 7 or 8 dpiui, also have some sleepiness. But for me I do usually get extra tired in my LP. My bb's are NOT sore as usual, they are ny heavy and sometimes I feel some electricity in them, but only here and ther, not constantly. HAPPY SUNDAY : )


tonia - June 11

OOPS! On that first line! I meant "other than no sore bb's!" OMG!


mgn - June 11

i still understood tonia. :) hey can anyone elaborate of useing opk as a way to detect preggers? i dont understand?? thanks


tonia - June 11 go to this web page!


nanders - June 11

Thankyou all soooooooooo much for your kind words!! It's comforting to know that others are feeling the same way I am. I am staying positive that af will not show up. I've been very ga__sy and have had af like cramping since 4dpo. I've been tired and often had to nap after work. I haven't had sore bbs or anything. I'm not sure if these are signs or not, but for my sanity I have to believe until proven wrong!!! ha! ha! Baby dust to all *~**~~*


Citrine - June 12

Hi Ladies - Anyone get a BFP over the weekend? I think I'm going to Dollar Treet today and do a test. I am now starting to think I might actually be pg. My bbs aren't huge, but they are heavy & somewhat sore & last night they had a burning sensation. I started with some heartburn last night. Anyone else going to test soon?


staci - June 12

Citrine, Tonia was suppose to test today, but she hasn't posted yet on our other thread so don't know if she decided to wait or not.. I will be testing Saturday..I am having right sided pain/pinching, burning/tingling nipples, low back pain(right side also) and forehead breakout.. I am 7dpo. What about everyone else? I so want to test early but know that i shouldn't because of the pain a bfn brings...


ashleyd - June 12 stretch...1 week until AF is due now, and I can't stop peeing :( bbs aren't as sore...but normally my bbs are sore by now w/ AF it's very weird.


nanders - June 12

staci, I am having many of the same things as you!! But my pinching/cramping has been on the left side, my back has been hurting but I also pinched my sciatic nerve about two weeks ago so it might be leftover from that. I'm really breaking out, I've been having to pee more often, and I've been more tired lately. Nothing in my bbs though. I too am going to test this weekend, I am about 9dpo, if af doesn't show. I would like to tell my dh on father's day but would like to have a doctor confirm a bfp before I do, we've been waiting so long I would hate to disappoint him. But then I would have to wait till next weekend to tell him, as he;s away on business next week. what do ya think? should I test and tell him father's day or wait to tell him until it's confirmed? I know this sounds like i'm thinking to far ahead but I truly believe in the power of positive thinking!! But i'm pooped out too so it's getting harder to think that way!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we both got BFP!! We could be pregnancy buddies!!! Baby dust to you my friend and to all of us!!! **~~*~*


mgn - June 12

hi ladies. its so nice to have this forum. it really helps. i am now about 6-7 dpo. i feel nothing. i took a opk test yesterday and it was negative. i took my temp yesterday and today, normal. :( it doesnt look good. the only thing that gives me a little hope is that my af is due nxt week and still no sore bbs which usually by now they are very tender. however, i had this happen before and i ended up being late with af which was even WORSE. i rather be on schedule. ugh! i am so frustrated and sick over this! why does this have to be so hard? i swear i do everything right. it seems so easy for everyone else and right now I feel like a failure to myself, my dh, and my family. i feel like i will never ever have a bfp! sorry to be so down. i am just really sad right now. hope you all are doing better then me. night............sweet, vivid dreams to you all :)



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