Anyone Waiting On Early Sept To Ovulate

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marina - August 29

Hi ladies... anyone waiting on early september for ovulation? want to share support & stories...... I am currently up to day 8 of my new cycle.


Tink - August 29

Yes I would like to sign up, I am due to ovulate early sept too, I will join in the fun thankyou as no luck the past four months....


Suzy - August 29

Hi. I'd love to join you. I'm due to ovulate early sept too. It would be so nice to share this with. Again it is going to be our fourth month of trying. My last AF was 21st Aug, my cycles vary form 29 days to 34 days so its difficult to work out exactly when I'm ovulating. i do take my temp and use OPK sticks so I get a vague idea. I do know my luteal phase is 14 days tho. So I could ovulate from 5th Sept to 10th Sept. i never know when is the time to start, and whether to try every day every other??? What are your cycles like? Are they regular? When do you ovualte. It will be nice to hear from you and share the cycle together. Good Luck


Paula - August 29

Hi I would like to join you all. I am now on CD9 and set to ov somewhere between 9/5-9/9. I have an average cycle of 33 days with ov occuring on CD17-19. I will keep you all updated on my progress. I am now taking Clomid, temping, checking cm, cervix position, and OPK testing, hoping I get a BFP this cycle.


Suzy - August 29

Hi Paula. It seems like our cycle has fallen at similar times. How many months have you been trying. how long have you been taking clomid?


Chas - August 29

Hi gals! I too will be ovulating early Sept. I am only on cd3, but last cycle I ovulated on cd 9 so it could be soon. I chart temps, and I am also going to try an opk this time round. When do you think I should start with the opk?


tab - August 29

hello ladies! I would like to wait too, I am on month 4 of ttc, due to ov from 3rd to the 6th, at least that is what monthly cycle and baby zone say, but I will be looking for signs of ov. Isn't it ok to bed every other day coming up to ov? Oh, I will also be trying egg white this time. One more question... do u think by having an orgasm, it could make it harder for the sperm to reach the egg? I saw this question asked a few months ago, but I never read the post.


Chas - August 29

Actually, I have heard that an orgasm can help the sperm travel better because it tends to act like a suction


Suzy - August 29

To Chas re: your OPK test I would start 5 days befpre you due to ovulate, then you can see the colour difference and the pattern of increase in LH.


Amy - August 29

Hello ladies, I too should be ovulating in early Sept. My cylce is usually 31-33 days so it should be between Sept 6-12. I also got OPK this month as well as started taking my temp. This will be my third month of ttc. Hopefully we have quite a few BFP's this month!!


Tish - August 29

Hi all! I would like to join in. I am due to ov in early sept also.


Marina - August 30

Hi ladies, Yes I am back on board so glad to hear from you all, I never thought so many would respond to my question.... So thankyou ladies for the wonderfull support & your positive att_tudes, I have a cycle of normally day 31 - 33 and seem to ovulate from day 14 to 19 going bye my own judgement of mucas... However I have not yet tried taking the temp method? is this every morning before you rise n' shine? and are you ovulating when temp increases? also ladies what are these OPK sticks??? never herd of them... we have been trying since June. Would be so nice to get it right this month.... I think we will have some BFP's this month it seems to be in the air...... and for us that have BFN's Please we'll keep intouch & try again. somewhere amongst the dissapointmet, we will hold our heads high and support eachother through this time in our lives. Good luck ladies & thankyou to all who have joined in this chit chat group... talk soon *Dreams can come true* xxx


Angie - August 30

Hello Ladies, This is my 3 month ttc. Af showed her face on the 26th. i should be o from the 7-9. I been doing a lot of reading in this forum that more women have gotten pregnant by relaxing more or not really trying. So this month im going to bd every other day or day starting on cd-9 and try to stay occupy. so i want stress over becoming preggo. Is there anything else i can do. Yet i still need support and this forum has help. Thank you every body!!!!!!!! So i will be checking in everyday. Baby dust!!!!!!!!!


Suzy - August 30

Hi Marina. Yes temp should eb taken in the morning as waking. You will notice a rise in the temp when ovulated. The OPK test are an indicator for high LH just before ovualtion. I ovualte between day 15 and day 20 thsi month thsi is between Sept 4th and Sept 10th.Using these two methods helps pinpointing and guiding you. i am no expert at this but learning every month. Good Luck and thanks for the welcome


bella82 - August 30

Hey girls... I'll be joining you in the waiting game this month. I just had my first AF since a m/c on June 30. Hopefully will be ovulating sometime between Sept 3-10. I bought the OPK to see if I have any luck with that. **baby dust to all** =)


Amy - August 30

bella82, I'm very sorry to hear about your m/c. Hope things work out for you this month. I also got an OPK this month, just curious when I should start using them? I got the Clearblue easy that shows the smiley face when ovulation is near. I hear trying to read the tests with the lines can be quite difficult. Hopefully it works as well as people have said. Good luck to everyone during upcoming O.


nicole - August 30

hey ladies im due to ovulate sometime around 9/5 -9/8??? im normally on a 28 day cycle but this is only my 2nd month off bc so im still learning. **baby dust to all**



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