Anyone Wanna Wait 27thish Time

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tryingtoo - June 19

Hey ladies, I am due for AF right around the 27th of June...however my cycles are not reqular so give or take a couple of days around that time...but anyways any ladies want to wait with me?? anybody get symptoms?? not me!


linds99 - June 19

Hey, I'm also due for AF on June 28, I am 6 days post ovulation today...( I have a 16 day luteal phase...) Do you temp? If so, what are your morning temps doing? Also, I read some lady took an OP test and her lines are still I am tempted to see if that happens to me...have you tried this yet?


tryingtoo - June 19

I do not keep track of my temp....I have tried the op test before, but haven't used it this month. My dh and I are trying just to rely on my bodies natural signs of ovulation for right now. We've gone that whole test for ovulation and temps and all that and just but us in a whole ball of anxiety and stresses me out and throughs my period of even more.


crystal74 - June 19

hi, a/f is due around the 26th. i will wait with you guys. I did my first IUI 6/10 and since before the IUI i've had cramping. yesterday i had lower abdominal pain and aching. and my bbs have been super sore since 6/12, so i am hoping these are good signs. oh yeah and my c/m has been watery. what are your symptoms????


crystal74 - June 19

linds99, i temp too. my temps have stayed high. they might go up or down .2 but pretty much staying high.


fitnessfan21 - June 19

I am due for af on the 28th as well. So far just some slight cramping, gas, bloating. I guess it can go either way. Good luck to all of you.


LadyD - June 19

Hi, hope you don't mind me joining. Due for af about 6/26, give or take a day. I don't temp, just watch for cm, cramps, etc. I think I ov'd about 6/12, not really sure becauce I saw ewcm about 6/10, but I was bd'ing all along so hopefully it I don't have any signs/symptoms of anything, but I didn't have any with my daughter, so hopefully I'll have it that easy the 2nd time around.


tryingtoo - June 19

It feels good to have some other ladies waiting with me!! I have extra hope this month for some reason. However, I am not feeling any symptoms yet..just praying that it happens!! prayers of little baby blessings to everyone.


2wwSUCKS - June 19

Hey - i am new here but I'll wait with you - my af is also due on the 26th - i've had a lot of possible symptoms - nausea - fatique - hot flashes - cramping, backach, headache, acne, spider viens on bb's to name a few - I just have a feeling that I am preggo - I have since day 1 - I even told my dh I thought I was when I eas only like 3 dpo - I don't know I don't want to feel stupid when the old witch comes - I mean really what are the chances - I just got diagnosed with PCOS and I am being treated for a prolactimona (tumour in pituitary gland - spits our prolactin) I am supposed to have a really hard time getting preggo.. What do you ladies think am I nutzo..


2wwSUCKS - June 19

For those ladies that check cp and cm - do you know when the cp is supposed to go down - I am about 8 dpo and my cp is still pretty and very high - thoughts?? Good luck to all


2wwSUCKS - June 19

LOL - Cp is pretty SOFT and high - ..... LOL pretty cp!


crystal74 - June 19

i don't know 2ww sucks but i felt mine last night and it was low and squishy....but when i pushed it was ferm and it kind of i don't know. good luck


slowpoke01 - June 19

hey crystal and fitness good to see you ok i am in the 2ww due for a/f visit on the 29th had iui friday no symptoms not cramping or anything so i will wait and see i dont temp i just use opk's i was ovulating around the 15th and 16th so hope that the iui worked good luck all


tryingtoo - June 20

hows everyone doing?? anybody decided when they are going to test if af is late? In my case probably by the 1st I will test, just so I know. Just because I have an Gyno appointment on July 7th to figure out whats going on with my irregular cycles.


slowpoke01 - June 20

i will probably test early and then i will wait and if i am late then i will test again who knows i might accidently get a bfp early


JessicaC - June 20

2wwsucks and Crystal, what is CP? What does it mean when it's different textures (I'm a__suming it has something to do with putting your fingers up something? haha.) My af is due 29, but I'm kind of irregular since being off bc. I've had a few minor symptoms, but nothing that has fully convinced me that I'm pregnant. The first few dpo I had a lot of watery discharge (which I don't think I've ever had before), and just today I started getting a little bit of what some describe as "lotiony" discharge. Slight cramping, occa__sionally sore nipples, tired (very). Also I have been kind of constipated. I have a frequent problem with that, but is that an early preg sign at all?


2wwSUCKS - June 20

Hey JessicaC - CP stands for Cervic position - i know I Know it sounds wierd -but look at it this way - it's cheaper that Peeing on a stick LOL! - here is a great link to explain for you - there are pic's so hopefully you'renot squeemish



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