Anyone Want To Wait With Me

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ashtan_renee - June 13

AF is due anytime now. My cycles vary from 31-35 days. My last AF was May 11. Not really having any signs of AF or Preg. Except that I have to pee more than usual... also been having some cramping. Going to test on the 20th if no AF by then. I just keep praying there will be no AF this month. The one thing that gets me though, about a week before AF is due, my br___ts get really tender, and no such sign of AF so far. One more week to wait!


ashleyd - June 13

My AF is due the 18th...check out the 16th-ish post, and about everyone in there is due around the same time for AF


krisowens - June 13

af is due june i feel ya gull...sick to my stomach waiting..i want to be prego so bad.


j. - June 13

hi o'ed on the 4th(at least i thought i did) and af is supposed to be due 19th. but had ewcm(which usually indicates o) just 2 days ago. so i'm not sure if 19th is still the day for me. i hate the waiting game.


NB - June 13

I am due on 16th... will wait with you! Anxious myself.


ashtan_renee - June 14

I haven't had anymore symptoms either way! Its annoying me. I keep feeling crampy, which I don't normally feel before AF. I'm not pmsing either, which I normally do right before AF, and I dont' have sore bbs, another common sign for me about the last week before AF. It seems like I have to pee a lot more than I normally do too, but I wonder how much of this is my mind playing tricks on me. We've been trying off and on for about 8 months. It's such an emotional roller coaster that I didn't expect. I'm trying to hold off testing, as I really did already expect AF, trying to make it to the 20 before I test, but it is so hard trying to wait. I just want to make sure no AF before I test. ~baby dust to all~


angela1986 - June 14

AF is due the 17th nothing so far though...crossing my fingers and praying,my period last month was only 2 days which is very different from what normally happens...i'll test on the 21st so stay away AF lol! Good luck to all


ashleyd - June 14

so we're all due this coming weekend...except Kris who's a little someone will get a BFP


j. - June 14

angela..have you tested since af was different last month??


angela1986 - June 14

yeah i tested monday and it was just so tired of the negative signs...i want a positive!!!lol


ashtan_renee - June 15

I know what you mean about tired of the negative signs. I keep giving myself days after AF is due before I will let myself test, because I don't want to see the BFN. If I can make it till the 20th with no AF.... Even the 19th. Its only a few days away. Still no signs of AF, I keep crossing my fingers that she won't show up this month. Good luck to everyone for BFP this month!


angela1986 - June 15

So today i went to the bathroom and wiped and there was a pinkish brown a wipe or two now its im not really sure whats going on,any ideas? AF is never here this early!


Meghan - June 15

I will wait with you! well kind of because af was due today but she was a no show and i have had some symptoms so i am buying a test tonight!


angela1986 - June 15

Alright so its AF early this im not really sure whats going periods have been so differnt the past month...still hoping though gotta be optimistic!


krisowens - June 15

ashtan---any news yet? I am feeling more and more like af is coming...durn her!!! Still I have 9 days to wait to see if she shows...


ashleyd - June 15

angela...sound slike implantation usually happens a few days before/ or as your AF is due, not normal "bleeding" like w/ AF... google it for more info and see if that's what it seems like for you...could be a good sign :)


ashtan_renee - June 17

nothing to report here yet. Going to test tomorrow or Monday morning. Depending on when I can make it to the store, as I don't get off of work till almost 12am, don't nomally feel like stopping after that. Nothing new to report either way, I'll just have to wait another day and see what happens, or doesn't happen.



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