Anyone Want To Wait With Me Need A Buddy

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Kayla - April 13

My last LMP was 17th Mar. I generally have a 30-35 day cycle. I b'd from the 3rd-7th April. My br___ts have been sore since around the 7th on. I've also developed veins on my chest, br___ts and nipples. My CM has been very creamy and comes out in blobs. My lower stomach is bloated and hard. As of today Im 28 days from my LMP. Today I had some VERY mild cramping and tingling feelings in my lower belly. I've had headaches continously and am VERY tired all the time! I tested yestersday with a BFN. Is there anyway that can wait with me or share some insight/advice to whats going on with me. What is CM supposed to be like after ovulation? Im unsure as to whether I could be pregnant. When should I test?


sarahbaby11 - April 13

hi kayla i don't know the answer to your questions but i will wait with you. my lmp was march 22 and i b'd everyday from the 2-7 and then again the 9-10. i am waiting to see if af comes. i have a 28 day cycle so she is due the 18th. i had some cramping feelings two days ago and that is too soon for my period so i was wondering if it was implantation. this is my second child but the first was unplanned and i didn't find out till i was a month and a half because i felt sick all the time and ended up going to the er for bloodwork. so i don't remember much except that my period was two weeks late then i had a little bleeding. well keep in touch. lets wait together.


Saird - April 13

Hi, can I wait with you too? LMP was Mar.24 and yesterday and today I've had pinkish tinged CM. Now I have some cramping. I never spot mid-cycle so I'm definitely interested to see if this is it. Kayla, if you are preggo, your HCG could just not be high enough for the tests yet. Test again tomorrow or the next day.


aish - April 14

hey even i am with u , my af due on 17 ...i hope it wont come ,ttc 12 mths its high time now.... i am having light cramping on off sore b___bs though


shaz82 - April 14

i am a lady in waiting also hehe. i got my last period on the 8th of march, did a test but a very faint line so waiting till tomorrow or after easter to do another one, i have had all the symptons apart from the sore b___bs but this is my third baby so not sure if they will get sore if i am. Keep us up dated all as i will with you guys


esha - April 14

WOW, we are in the same boat Kayla. What is LMP? I am at 7DPO and I am very bloated, I am very ga__sy and I get a lil nausea when I don't eat. I have wet clearish CM. My bbs are sore, that started yesterday. I am so anxious to know. DH and I did the BD all last week, so, one of his lil swimmers should have landed.


JB0405 - April 15

Hi Kayla... I love that name, very pretty... I'll wait with you as well... I am also waiting till Friday, April 21st to test IF af doesn't come before then...I have weird stomach crampings and no sign of af thus far...nipples are sore but have not been as sore as last week...i can't calculate from lmp as I have very irregular peiods... GOOD LUCK to you and everyone else...


sarahbaby11 - April 17

aish your af was due yesterday let us know what is going on. anyway as far as me. i believe i o'd on april 8th,..late in my cycle. af is due tomorrow but i hope no visit there. i took a pregnancy test two days ago and again today and got a negative both times. i am going to wait till wednesday then try again. i believe if i o'd the 8th and wait 2 weeks then i would be on the 22nd. so hopefully i can find out then. bay dust to all...praying af won't come.


Jmelo80 - April 17

Hi i will be happy to be part of this group im 25 and 7 months married. TTC for the first time. Imp was on 3/7 and i stopped my BC on 3/14. then my period came back on 3/19 for only 3 days. No Af yet. I am tired, dizzy, light cramping same symtoms as kayla. Tested on 4/14 BFN. Will try next weekend again. Good luck guys. It's nice to have a support team.


JB0405 - April 17

Jml... when did you get married? Just curious, my date was Sept 4, 2005... No af thus far ladies... keep praying and sending baby dust... as I am doing the same for all of you!


Jmelo80 - April 17

I was married sept. 10th.



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