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Stella - October 13

Its me again. I had many signs of pregnancy but they proved to be just a coincidence because my period came. Anyway my period has ended but it wasn't like my other periods. It was very light. Not light enough to be spotting, but it was lighter than any other periods I had. Plus it only lasted 4 days. My periods usually last 5 days. One other thing is that my period came a day early. Because this period was irregular and considering all the signs I had before (normally before my period I do get bloated, but I never have tender br___ts, have frequent urination, or have pre-menstrual cramps) could there be a slight chance that I am pregnant. Could it be possible that the period i recieved was just heavy spotting from pregnancy. I just want to know if taking a urine test would be a waste of time and money. thanks for the input.


Chrissyj - October 13

No its not a waste of time if u r u need 2 know.U can get a hpt for $1 at Dollar general store or at Dollar tree.They work just as well.


to stella - October 13

i'm tired of your bull. if you think you're pregnant then take the d__n test or go to the doctor. we don't know how your body works and you keep asking us these lame questions like we're nurses and doctors. I already told you that you ain't pregnant if you got your period, which it seems you have. Can you read? THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY THAT YOU ARE PREGNANT. Those signs you had were probably pms and you nagging your brain for hours about being pregnancy is probably what caused you. Quit thinking that every little thing that happens to your body means your pregnant. i'm telling you this for your own good but if you don't trust my answer then take the test; we can't give you an honest answer


meggie - October 13

Take a test, but most likely it af.


stella - October 13

thank you all for answering. You all think seem to think I still could be pregnant so if there is a chance i should probably just test. by the way, what is af?


hi stella` - October 13

dont feel bad as someone wrote very bad ...... u will get PG soon, AF means periods... best wishes to all


to Stella - October 13

The waiting game is frustrating. I take a test! Good luck.



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