Anyone Who Has Used The Clearblue Digital Hpt

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A.V - December 13

this is my perdicament: I have had multiple pregnancy symptoms, not exactly trying but either way I would be happy. So anyway I took one of these test and it was about two days before expected af , still has not arrived but it said "not pregnant" when I pulled out the test stick it had of course the control line and a very faint line I thought I was imagining it and showed it to my husband and he said yes I see it but if the test says not pregnant then you're not I' ve taken a couple more but negative but af has not arrived and I'm not having any signs that it will show. Any ideas?


Leahp - December 13

Hi A.V. Sorry, not to be much help on this topic, but I wrote you on the "can you feel implantation" forum and wanted to see if you started yesterday, but hey!!! it looks like you haven't, are you considering going to the doc?? That might be your best bet. I guess I have one more day, I'm figuring tomorrow or Wed. I wish you the best of luck!!!


Christine - December 13

When were you do?...If you still have not recieved af then you may want to call the doc and ask for a blood test...Any type of hpt can have a faulty batch..or your hcg levels may not be strong enough to pick up...If I were you I would wait a week and try another one..but if it is unbearable call the doc..blood test seem to be way more accurate that hpt's...good luck


A.V - December 13

Thanks ladies still no sign was expecting Af yesterday and today I have no feelings like af is coming only nausea and when I pee first thing in the morning I get really light cramping and then it goes away in like an hour. But I guess I will just have to wait, I hate this I just want to know!


bump - December 13



slsangel827 - December 14

I think you should wait a week. Your hormone level might not be high enough. I am having the same problem, since I know when I had unprotected s_x I a__sumed it was to early. So wait a week or so and I bet that line will get darker


Jennifer - December 14

I have taken the clearblue test. The first time I took it was negative, but I think I took it to soon. Then I took it again a week later and it was postive, so before I did not have enough of the pregnancy hormone, but now I do. So jsut wait a week and take it again. I did not have any signs of being pregnant besides being 2 weeks late, but now I do have signs.


A.V - December 14

Thanks Jennifer I guess I will wait to test again or if af shows up. But was it the clear blue digital that you used you know the one's that say pregnant or not pregnant?



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