Anyone Who Is Or Has Been Pregnant Please Help

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Need help! - February 25

I'm now 5 days late. I have these pains that switch between my lower right & lower left sides. Its sort of feels like ovulation pains. It comes and goes. I'm going a little crazy because it doesn't feel like cramps, maybe a little bit but not what I'm used to before I get my AF. I don't know what to think. I eat alot more lately but then all of a sudden feel nasious. Also been very gassy. Have any of you every had these pains and found out you were preggo?


Niki - February 25

According to my Dr. thats a pregnancy sign. I called her with that problem and she told me to get a hpt.


C - February 25

During the 5 days you were late how long had it been since you had s_x? Because I had those pains and yea when my period was expected I was pregant. Was it at your lower adomen?


rose - February 25

YES!!!i had those pains when i was pregnant!


Need help! - February 25

You girls are great for getting back to me. Thank you! To Niki: your doctor said that its a pregnancy sign? Well that's good news. To C: My last period was 1/24 so I was due on 2/20. I had s_x during & prior to ovulation, on 2/3 & 2/6 and then again I think on 2/11. Then I went on a family vacation and had s_x again on 2/19. The pains are in my very lower abdomen. About a 1/2 hour ago, I had cramps where it felt like I was going to get AF, then they went away. And now today, I'm experiencing abit more cm. What do you think?


kim - February 25

When your uterus begins to grow, from the extra blood volume and fluid at this point, not from baby, your muscles and ligaments will begin to strech which might be what you are feeling!


Nee help! - February 25

Kim I hope you're right!. We've been trying for 6 months now.


Serenna - February 25

Yes!! I had those annoying pains b4 i found out that i was pregnant. And i still get those pains at times...not as often though. **~Baby Dust~**



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