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Tryin - October 17

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you have s_x a few days after ovulation? My husband and I are actually trying, but I wasn't quite over my yeast infection when I was supposed to be ovulating so we had to wait, could I still get pregnant? He's leaving next month for the army so i will only ovulate one more time before he leaves :(


tj - October 17

I think your chances are slim, sorry. I think the day after ovulation it is still possible, but the egg only lives for about 24 hours, so a few days after ovulation the egg would be dead. It is possible, though, to ovulate more than once in a month (but not common) so it could still happen.


p - October 17

i think your information is incorrect---a woman CAN NOT ovulate more than once in a cycle.


tj - October 17

I got my info from a scientific study. Here it is the abridged version...maybe your info is incorrect. Can Women Ovulate Multiple Times in a Single Menstrual Cycle? by Shana R. May Women ovulate more than once a month: Study (JULY 9, 2003): published by Dr Pierson in Fertility and Sterility. What did they do? In the study high-resolution ultrasound scans, which allowed them to see the follicles very clearly, were conducted daily on 68 women over a period of 6 weeks. What was the previous train of thought on ovulating more than once in a month? Standard medical science says a woman has a cycle running roughly 28 days in which an egg ripens, is released by the follicle, drops into the fallopian tube, and then is either fertilised or shed during menstruation. What's it mean? A Canadian study concludes that many women ovulate more than once per menstrual cycle. 10% of the women studied released two eggs in the same month. A growth wave of 15 to 20 egg-carrying cells called follicles occurs before ovulation. 100% of the women in the study had at least two of these "waves". 30% of the women had three "waves". The "waves" don't always lead to ovulation, however. In the study, within 6 weeks, 50/68 women only ovulated once. 6/68 women ovulated twice. 7/68 women didn't ovulate at all. Most of those "waves" came after they had ovulated, but some had the potential to ovulate immediately after their menstrual period. In some cases, follicle development didn't reach the point where the egg would normally be mature enough to release. The researchers don't know whether the pattern for each woman is constant, or whether it changes from month to month. Implications: May explain why the rhythm method of contraception is so unreliable. Could lead to improved, targeted fertility treatments in the future. May explain why the conception rate for non-identical twins is as high as 10%. What prevents both eggs from becoming a pregnancy every month? Other parts of a woman's reproductive system must also be at the right stage for a fertilized egg to implant in the uterus.


Dia - October 17

TJ is correct...a woman can ovulate more than once in a cycle...I am 6 weeks pregnant and the doctors think I ovulated twice!!


Pepsi - October 17

Dia, how did they know that you may have O twice? Did they monitor you? That actually is a very helpful tip, thank you TJ for sharing!


TC - October 17

If you ovulate more than once in a cycle, it is believed to occur within 24 hours of each other.


Trying - October 18

Thank you very much for all the information tj, i just hope that i did ovulate twice this month (i know chances are slim, but at least there is some possibility).



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