Anyone With Heavy Short Period And Still Pregnant

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h - August 6

My period was only 2 days and heavier than usual. It was right on time. Maybe just a day late. Anyone had this and been pregnant?


nikki - August 6

Yes! I just went through the same thing in July.I was early and short.I've been having symptons of pregnancy,but not sure.


MissyE - August 6

I'm going through a similar situation now, My period was light on the first day and medium to heavy flow the second including clots and mild cramping and then on the third and fourth day(today) spotting with no pain or clots, and I have a 5-7 day cycle. I don't know if I'm pregnant though, just hoping! My nipples also get really hard and painful off and on like they did with my first pregnancy, I've been nauseated a little and when I eat, the food all of a sudden turns my stomach and make me feel sick and I can't even finish but i BD on 7/29 and was AF was due on 8/6 all this is so soon i don't know if i find out that I am, I will post!


Rita - August 7

oh my god! me too! mine was right on time... but only 2 days. not very heavy though, but enough for me to think it was my period. this was on 7/21 and 7/22. i've been charting my BBT and thought that I ovulated on 7/31... but took a pregnancy test on 8/5 and it showed up a faint positive. wouldn't 6 days post-ovuation be too soon to show up on a preg test? i am so confused... have cramping, and swollen b___sts... wondering if am i 5 1/2 weeks pregnant (and that WASN'T my period last month) or only 1 1/2 weeks and I just conceived around 7/31? or maybe i'm not at all? it's the weekend... dying to call my doctor tomorrow AM but don't want to sound like a hypochondriac. this is my first pregnancy... we've been trying for almost 9 months.


krackle - August 7

Last period was four days late, and only lasted about four days. Before period, very nauseated, and light pink spotting for a few days. Now, a week before my AF due, very tender, swollen b___sts, with dryness, and some clear discharge. Could the last period have been IB? Could I be pregnant?


me-me - August 14

my last period was on july 29 and 3 weeks late and lasted only 2.5 days when its suppose to last 4 days alittle bleeding for 2 days no cramps but went to doctor 3.5 wks earlier negative pregnancy test but i pee alot stomach hurts on a regular basis, serious lower back pain and hedaches that i dont normally get


anne - August 14

im going through the same as you girls. you can read my story....should i take a test. good luck and lots of baby dust


Krackle - August 15

Well, period due on 8/9 did not show. Took a test on 8/10, and positive! Guess the last period was my implantation bleeding, or I just got pregnant last month, not sure yet. Going to the doctor on August 25th to see how far along I am. I think I am 10 weeks though. Because before my last period I was very nauseated and afterwards I had an ear and sinus infection that I had to go through two different antibiotics for. Also, very tender, swollen bb's, and cramping. We have been trying for over 8 months, and I suffer from Endometriosis, so this is a big blessing from the Lord, that seemed impossible. (Recently went through surgery in May for the endo.) Hope this encourages you other gals out there. God bless and keep the faith!


Jolie - August 15

That sounds like me. I had a period for two days, then nothing, then some light flow. Supposed to last 4-5 days with moderate to light spotting on last two days. I have symptoms, such as nausea , lightheadedness and puffy darkened b___sts/nipples with small bumpas arund the areaola. I'm going to the doc this afternoon, I'll keep you posted.


Jessica - August 15

I want you to know that my sister just had twins in May,and each month around her normal start time, she would have a normal period!!! The babies are totally healthy,, the DR said that some woman just have this occur and some dont!! Good luck and lots of baby dust!


jackie0650 - September 27

Hi Ladies,

I was due for my period Sunday and took a pregnancy test Tuesday. The test came back negative. On Thursday I got my period in the evening - it seems like a normal period except I haven't had any more bleeding since last night. This means that my period has lasted only two days which it normally lasts 5-6. I was bleeding as normal on the first day (pretty heavy). Do you think it is worth taking another test?


Jademaclean08 - October 12

Hi! I'm 18 and wasn't really planning on a baby. But I need some help and advice! I was due my period on the 8th I believe but the week prior to that I had cramps and every other period signs (emotions, bloatedness, spots etc) buf no blood at ALL! I took two tests and they were both negative. On the 10th I got my period and I got it very heavy and very clotted and it went through to sunday. This morning (12th) I woke up and realised I had a TINY bit of blood on my pad which is odd after only two days and overnight. I also have a mega sore back and sore tummy! Please help me if yoy can!!! I'm not sure what to do, I'm only 18 and I'd need to prepare myself and my partner mentally to have a successful family! I was disappointed at megative tests, though. Help ASAP Thanks :)


Grandpa Viv - October 12

Hi Jade. Could you have had a swing and a miss? I think you will be running a couple more pregnancy tests at intervals of several days. Use first morning pee which has more of the hormone.


Sdlizard71 - January 15

Hi. i came across your post and wondered what your outome was?  My situation is very similar.


Sdlizard71 - January 15

^^^I am referring to MissyE


SWEETY786 - February 8

hi , ladies , i got a period on the 19/12/2016 up until the 21/12/2016, then i was supposed to get a period on the 15/01/2017 , which didnt come , but ever since the last period my breast is sore and heavy , went to the docter on the 28/01/2017 , 1 positive pregnancy test , did blood test came back negative, he only picked up some sugar in my urine , he told me to come back the monday he did another preg test it still showed negative , well my breast have this warm feeling inside and its very heavy and i picked up weight , and i am very sleepy , so al in al my period was 19 days late , as i got it on the 02/02/2017 , my period neva late , and i am on a normal 28day cycle. i still feel pregnant 


apraj123 - August 19

hi, my period was due on 14/08/2017 and i had pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, extreme fatigue, excessive hunger and excessive burping(no changes in breasts) . I  thought i m pregnant but i saw a drop of blood on my panty on 15/08/2017 during bedtime. and there was no blood on my pad on next morning. again during afternoon time i started bleeding heavily like usual period with heavy cramping for  1 day. my period completely stopped(no spotting afterwards)  on 17/ 08/2017(usually it will be heavy for 3 days and light for next 2 days).

 still i have all the symptoms of pregnancy which i had before period. So i took a hpt on 19/08/2017(today) which came -ve. i am so confused what to do next? can anyone help me? plzzz...



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