Anytime Of The Month

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KT - May 13

this maybe silly-but i guess i want to be preganant really bad !!!! but can a woman get pregnant anytime of the month-or only during ovulation. good luck to all !!!


Hanna - May 13

There's a couple of days each month when you're fertile (called 'fertile window'). I think it lasts from about 4 days before conception until 1 day after it. You know when it's happening when you see egg-white or watery mc. Hope this is helpful. Good luck to you!


Audrey - May 13

KT- If you want to get pregnant you should think carefully about the consequences. If you're still in school, will you be able to finish? Some girls on here have said they were kicked out of their school when they became pregnant. Do you have enough money and time to take care of a child? Will your parents/family be supportive? There are a lot of questions to answer. As to the fertile zone, for most women it's days 9-16 of the cycle.


KT - May 13

So you are saying pretty much just during "O" time...That's c___ppy!


KT - May 13

Wow just becaue I asked this question you just think I am in school...In fact I will be 35 in about 2 months...I was just hoping it could happen at different times because I want it to happen so badly Like I have said in the question.


? - May 13

audrey...why would you a__sume that kt is young? she could be married or anything...why the a__sumptions? anyways kt, it is best to get pg while you are ovulating. but it doesnt mean that you cant get pg, while you are not, it is rare, but it does happen. how long have you been ttc? good luck to you.


KT - May 13

?~I have been having unprotected s_x and off the pill since March of last year...But since nothing has happened I have been trying to use those opk's to try to pin point "O" time since I am irregular. LMP 4/5/05


Grandpa Viv - May 13

KT, go visit and start charting. When you have figured out how cervical mucus, cervical position and BBT fit together, you will be ready to spend money on OPK. Good luck!


BL - May 14

I think if you want it to happen so bad it is not going to happen. Try thinking about other things or not really wanting it to happen than it will happen. That is what I went through. I wanted to be pregnant at 13(was not having s_x did not see how it was going to happen) because my favorite cousin was pg. at 12. It did not happen. I did not even get a phantom pregnancy like everyone is talking about. After I graduated high school, I wanted a career not a baby and guess what at 19 I got a baby my sophmore year in college.



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