Approx 5 Weeks And No Yolk Sac

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Julia - May 15

Hello everyone, I just went to the dr on 5/12 and had a transva___al sono.I was 7 days late and have an avg 31 day cycle. LMP was 4/6. Dr said that "something" was there, but no yolk sac.Said that he wasn't being neg, but that he wouldn't congratulate us on being preg. yet.I am so upsent and nervous. All I can think about is my appt. next Friday for a follow up periods are never right on time, so I am hoping that i am just miscalc. how far along I am.I took 4 OTC preg tests, all pos. My friend just had a blighted ovum with sim. situation. I had 2 kids in my 20's, but now I am 33. Wondering if anyone can offer hope or insight from their own experience. It is so hard waiting! We've been trying for a year now.


Jules - May 15

Hi Julia. I am also 5 weeks preggos now. All I can add here, though, is that my doc won't see me until after the 20th May - he says that he won't be able to see anything on the sonar before that. I understand you being nervous because of your friend's bad experience, but I would feel a little encouraged that your doc has invited you back for another scan next week. Hope this helps you somewhat. I hope and pray that all is well with you and the baby ;) All the best to you xxxxx


to Julia - May 15

I unfortunately had a similar situation..was 5 weeks along, had a t/v u/s that showed "something" was there( don't you hate when the docs say that?) a small gestational sac w/ no yolk, fetal pole or hb. I had a m/c the very next day. It was a terrible experience and huge disappointment. I hope that your experience is different from mine! Have they taken any HCG or progesterone tests? They may give you more answers so you are not just waiting for the next week. Good luck to you!


Julia - May 15

They haven't taken HCG or progesterone tests yet. I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for your best wishes and for sharing your experiences ladies.I will definitely post an update when I hear any news.


Julia - May 21

Just an update if anyone happens upon this thread.. Went to the dr yesterday and the sac has grown 4x its orig. size! Inside is what looks to be a yolk sac,but dr still wouldn't commit to saying that I was definitely pregnant! He says I am 6wks 2 days, but I know when I conceived, and I am 5 wks 5 days. anyhow, I have to come back in 2 weeks for another scan and I pray that he will finally give me a definite answer.


Julie - May 21

Hi Julia, the dr are never right with the dates, I got pg with my first on new years eve 1988/89 (I know because I was a vigin and lost my virginity that night) and they told me I was due the second week of october when I worked out my dates I found I was due the last week of september, my son was born 29 september, full term and weighted 7lb 2 1/2 oz. doctors what do they know, when I got pg with my second I had a full medical november '91 for a job interview and to make sure my pill was ok, everything was fine no problems, then came december '91 I found out I was 4 months pregnant, because my clothes were getting tight my freind jokingly said I could be pg as I had not had a period for 4 months so to be on the safe side i did a test +itive 5 +itive's test's later I went back to the same dr and all he said was congratulations when is it due. don't worry too much in most cases dr are ok but in a very few cases dr's are people with no idea.


Jules - May 21

Hey Julia! Wow - that is great news ;) I'm sure you feel encouraged, and rightly so. It's okay that your doc is being cautious. If you reckon you're only 5w5d then it still may be too soon to see anything. So again, I reckon, it's great that he's calling you back in again for another check up! But he should also do an Hcg test, etc - to check your levels. Will give you peace of mind sooner too to make sure the levels are rising as they should. Well done! Stay positive and keep the faith! Please let us know how it goes xxxxx


Paula - May 21

I had a similar situation last year. It turned out that the gestation sac was there; however, no baby. It was until 1 day before 12 weeks that I m/c. My HCG kept increasing all the way to over 86,000 and when they didn't detect a heartbeat that is when they gave me a transvag. u/s. It was not until then that they found a sac measuring 10 weeks. Hope this helps. Much luck to you.



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