April 5th Testers

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sth - March 28

Is anyone else out there waiting for april 5th? today i am feeling slight cramps..not really cramps just funny feelings..who knows...just waiting now....


Alison - March 28

Hi, I'm waiting for April 4th/5th. I posted the "looking for a waiting buddy" post. It's hard waiting isn't it. Hope it comes quick so we can know and hope the funny feelings you're having prove to be an early sign of pregnancy! :o)


jez - March 28

Hey im waiting as well, Im sooo inpatient so this stinks!!! i was sick all weekend w body aches and headaches, not sure if that is a sign or just a virus, though i was alil nauios sat and sunday and alil dizzy! im waiting for the 4th/5th as well =) good luck girls!!!!!! baby dust!!!!


baby s - March 28

I am waiting on april 5-7. I agree with you both, I am very impatient. And now this time will just drag! I also have been sick all weekend. Well I wish all luck!


erica - March 28

Hello! I'm waiting for April 3/4th, I'm soo inpatient as well. The only symptoms that I've been having is feeling very hot and lots of pimples and of course moodiness and today I'm a little nousious and tired. Good luck chicas!!! baby dust to you all!!!!!!!


sth - March 28

i know, i hate waiting, but its nice to come here and have others to wait with you! i really hope this week goes fast!!!! baby dust to you all!!!! today i feel lightheaded sick to my tummy, sore SORE b___bs...i just want to know =-) again BABY DUST


Diane - March 28

I am waiting for the 9th/10th to test. I have been ttc for 8 months - hoping this is the month - baby dust to all


Michelle ( Australia) - March 28

Hi, I am also waiting for April 4th. I am feeling a little cramping and funny in the tummy. When are you going to take a test. My b___bs are bigger and feel funny too. Go the baby dust! Does anyone know the earliest we can have a pregnancy test? I am so keen to know but I don't want to obsess. Sending Bsby dust to you all. xoxo


erica - March 28

Has any of had implantation bleeding already? Are you still having cm?


Michelle ( Australia) - March 28

I am having cramps, but not sure about implantation bleeding. The cramps are mild. I am keen to know if anyone else has had implantation blleding. Cheers :)


erica - March 28

I'm very dry. Does that mean I'm not pregnant. Plus I've been having alot of saliva. Does that mean anything?


Laura - March 29

I also posted on a similar thread. My period is due April 3-5 as well. I have cramps, emotional, slight (very slight) nausea, veins in the chests, sore nipples, but no heavy discharge or extreme symptoms. I'm hoping that because I had all the cla__sic symptoms before and really sore b___sts only it to be PMS, because its not too bad this time that it's because I'm pregnant (wouldn't that be ironic)! What I really notice is different is my appet_te has changed (really hungry then get full easily), PMS symptoms are not so bad, and change in BM's. Tonite I had more discharge than before and a serious hot flash where I was red in the face and chest. I hope that means implantation. We shall see. **baby dust**


sth - March 29

i have had some cramps, no ib though. This is our month ladies!!! I had some bleeding (not sure if it was ib or not) at the beginning of last week...so we shall see.....again ~*~*~BABY DUST~*~*~*~


enail - March 29

Hi-sth, were you one of the ladies waiting for March 5 on an earlier thread? I seem to recall that you were. There were quite a few of us waiting for April 5 . . . I have also posted on "looking for a waiting buddy." So far, no signs, which is just as well, I get too disappointed when the signs just turn out to be regular old wacky, PMS. (Though, I swear, my b___bs grew a whole size last cycle!). sth: the bleeding last week sounds promising? I hate waiting, thank goodness for this site! When are you all testing? I will wait until April 5. I do hope I have the willpower (EPT in hall closet . . . )


Cindlo - March 29

My Last AF was 2/27-3/4 and I have been feeling different and I don't wanna test until the 4th or 5th cuz I do not wann get disappointed. I like feeling that I am. Hey enail I have mine in the drawer just waiting to be positive. Been ttc since 03 2004...Baby dust out to all


Sabrina - March 29

Also posted in the other thread waiting for the 2-4 th april, got some symptoms. Heartburn, ga__sy (nauseaus), dry mouth, frequent trips to the bathroom, outbreak of spots on face and chest, bb's bigger, bloated feeling, I don't know if i've got these stmptoms or whether I'm imagining them. Baby dust to all.


sophia - March 29

hi!! I'm in the same boat, waiting for april 4th,5th. The only symptoms I've had are lower back pain,light cramps,and just feeling funny,(light headed) and what I think might have been implantation bleeding(really not sure)I,m so anxious that I took a HPT but it was negative. :-( I wonder if my syptoms are all in my head? well, Good luck to you all!



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