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sqeekers - April 23

Hey everyone, well it's Sunday, bfn this morning. I have a stong feeling AF is on her way. I am craving sweets like there is no tomorrow, been having AF type cramps (which I usually get about 5-7 days before she shows up, and my temps while still up are the low end of being up. I am getting so depressed and discouraged with all of this. I know I am only 11 dpo and could still get that longed for bfp, but I am losing hope with each passing day. How's everyone else doing?


sqeekers - April 24

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I going to try and test again tomorrow, give it 2 days and see if it makes a difference. My bb's started hurting incredibly bad last night and this morning they hurt under my arms and across my chest. It feels more like muscle soreness from working out too hard. I had my first baby dream last night, and woke up this morning wanting to test so bad. I got to looking at my chart and figured it is possible I didn't ovulate as early as I thought. With the opk and temps I could have ovulated within a couple of day window I suppose which would set my dpo back a couple of days. I don't know things feel different this month, and I don't know if it's all in my head, symptoms of af, pg symptoms or something else entirely.


JenE - April 24

Sqeekers, I got a bfn at 11dpo. My positive didn't come until 14 dpo. So don't get discouraged yet. There is still hope. Both my dh and I had baby dreams about a week before my bfp. I didn't even have any symptoms until 14 dpo. I woke up with sore bb's and that is why I tested. Now the only other symptom is frequent urination.


sqeekers - April 25

Well I am 2-3 days from af and still getting ---. BB's are sore sometimes and not sometimes.I am moody and grouchy, and generally frustrated. I don't however feel like af is coming any more. I think I have had a lot of symptoms indicating I o'd but for some reason I don't think I did. I usually get really bad migraines starting a few days before af as well as really bad upset stomach. I have had neither of these things yet. I keep testing and waiting but no luck so far. I hope everyone else is having better luck.


JenE - April 26

You will get your positive. I really hope that it is this month. You only have a few more days. I didn't test until the day af was due. Try not to stess to much.. I got really cranky and still am about a week before my bfp. SO that is a good sign. Kinda a c___py sign but a good one


Kelly11 - April 26

Hi girls...I'm so glad that I found ya!!! Sorry about not logging in lately, just not a whole lot going on. I'm pretty sure that I already o'd, and we bd'd like crazy!!! : ) but what is totally strange is that I had 3 nights of dreams all about me being pregnant last week and so now I've got my hopes up! We are leaving to las vegas next week and so I really would like to know by then if I really am or not---but I doubt that I would ever be able to tell that early, unless I o'd early than I thought...which is always a possibility. Sqeekers how are you feeling? I am hoping that you are getting a bfp very very soon!!! Let us know asap! JenE how are you feeling? I've been thinking about both of you and hope to talk to you soon...


JenE - April 26

Kelly, Even if you are pregnant I am sure that you could have a drink or two without worrying. I know that you shouldn't but so many women drink before they know and don't have any problem. Besides it lives of a yolk sac for a short time after implantation until the umbilical cord develops. So I don't think you should worry too much. I used to smoke until I found out I was expecting our ds. I started again when we were ttc with this one because I figured that if I started a bad habit then I would get pregnant and have to quite. My theory worked. So maybe if you have a drink you will end up pregnant. just my strange way of thinking I guess.


sqeekers - April 26

Hey Kelly and Jen, I am feeling ok off and on just really frustrated. I am just hoping that I o'd later than I thought and that is why I am not getting +'s. I honestly don't feel like af is coming in the next few days, which leads me to wonder if I really did o or not. I broke down and tested this afternoon since I didn't test this morning and of course still ---. Maybe I will test again on friday if af doesn't show up before then.


JenE - April 26

Good luck sqeekers. I hope that you can be enormously happy in the next few days.


Kelly11 - April 27

Hey girlies! How are we all doing today? I'm feeling pretty darn good compared to the night before last when I woke up out of a dead sleep with the most horendous stomach ache and nauseousness (sp?)...all better now though and really wondering when I o'd because I'm already getting the nipple discharge that I get after I o'd and before af arrives (only if I squeeze---sorry for the tmi) and usually that doesn't start for at least two days after I o'd and I noticed it last night so that means that I probably o'd on sunday perhaps. I just don't know---but maybe that's better! But if I did O on sunday then, maybe I could take a test before I leave on vaca!!! JenE...that's what people have said to me that as long as I just have a drink or two it's no big deal because lots of people who don't know that they are preggers drink anyway...but of course if I get that BFP before we leave then I won't...but only time will tell! Sqeekers---I sure hope that your o date was later and you're on your way to getting a bfp!!! then we would be on almost the exact same track if we could both get bfp's this month!!! good luck to you hon.


sqeekers - April 27

Well no AF so far today, although I had some cramping this morning and keep feeling like I have started, but when I go to the bathroom nothings there. I'm thinking of running to WalMart and buying a different brand test. I have been using the Dollar store cheapies, and I know they are supposed to be really good, but I tried their OPK's a couple of weeks ago around O time and never did get a +OPK with them, tried an Answer OPK same time and got a +. So I am hoping AF stays away and a different test will work. I will keep you posted, I am not sure when I will test though we have a busy non stop weekend. But if nothing else maybe the craziness of this weekends activities will keep my mind off of testing for a few days.


sqeekers - April 28

16dpo and still no af. BFN again this morning. I have used all of the tests I had in the drawer, so I am stopping for a week or so. I have a doctors appt in a little over a week, so if I still haven't started by then I will get them to do a blood test.


Kelly11 - April 30

Hey girls...just wanted to check in for the weekend and see that it's been pretty darn slow. This has seriously been the longest 2ww of my life!!! I don't know why, just has. I am pretty sure I o'd last sunday and then on thursday I had some pretty weird cramps and since then have had them every once in a while but nothing too major. my b___bs were so majorly sore for the first few days after o'ing and now this morning they hardly hurt at all. I have had no spotting and I just don't know what to think. I swear I can see the lightest of all lines on an answer early ept---but i have to be in just the right light to see it, and it was there within the 3 minutes and has not gone away. I think it would be much too early to get a positive though since I THINK i am 8dpo today...unless i o'd early than I think or something. But i suppose if i had implantation on thurs...then that might not be too weird---i just don't know and I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high and I think I will just retest on tuesday if I can wait that long : ) We're leaving on weds so I would LOVE to know before that. But anyway, just wanted to let you both know what was going on. And I was curious how youa re doing sqeekers---and jenE, how are things going?


JenE - April 30

Hi girls, Things are good here. I don't really feel pregnant. My nipples get a little sore at night but other than that at this point nothing major. I have my first ultrasound on Tuesday (6w3d). I am not sure what they are going to see at that point since it is only the size of a grain of rice. Kelly it sounds like you just might be pregnant. I sure hope so. You will have to find the internet on your vacation so you can let us know what you find out. Sqeekers how is going with you??


sqeekers - April 30

I am still waiting. CM has gotten incredibly heavy and lotiony the past 2 days, bb's are still pretty tender, and I have been sick as a dog all day today. My temps dropped a bit this morning after having risen the past 2 days. I am still above the cover line but just barely. I am out of tests at the moment, and the one I took friday was bfn. I am gonna see what my temps do tomorrow and see if af shows up, and decide if I want to test again before I go to the docs. AF was due thursday or friday so I am still hopeful. Also my cp is really high and soft and closed. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Kelly11 - April 30

Sqeekers I sure wish that you had another test! I have been thinking about you and sending lots of babydust your way! I hope that we both get our really definite BFP'S very soon!!! My line on the one test was sooooo faint that I'm not even going to get my hopes up about it---although I did tell hubby and now he's all excited, so I really really hope that it is really what I think it is! I don't know if either one of you asked Cheri for a prediction, but I am going to be so freaked out if I do get a bfp this week, because she said that may was the month for me to get my bfp and that she had very clear feelings about that! I hope she is right!!!


sqeekers - May 1

Well my temps went back up this morning. I am 19dpo with temps still above the coverline, so I am getting excited. My bb's are so sore now they ache constantly. I have been very sick to my stomach yesterday, and am feeling very queasy this morning. I am incredibly bloated and ga__sy (sorry tmi). My cm is like someone poured a bottle of lotion in me (sorry again I know its gross). I am having some mild cramping but nothing compared to what I usually get with af. I contacted Cheri and she said May was my month also. I am supposed to have an appt. with the fertility doctor this week so I think I will go buy another test tonight and see what it says before I shell out the 250 for the doctors this week. I also have an appt. already on the books with my ob/gyn next Tuesday. I am trying so hard not to read too much into my temps still being up, and after the slight dip yesterday I was really discouraged. But since they are back up today I am getting more and more anxious. Kelly if you got a faint + I would say you are pg, congrats, and I hope that mine comes today as well.



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