April Wasn T The Month Maybe May

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sqeekers - May 11

Hey ladies, I figured since April is over and we are still trying I would start a new thread. I start Metformin tonight, and I have an HSG scheduled for June 2. My visit with the fertility doc seems to be productive. He has started me on a diet to lose a few pounds, instructed me to start an exercise program, is putting me on meds, and is doing all sorts of tests. I went for some blood work this morning, they drew 22 vials of blood for various tests. He says my U/S looks really good, and that he feels like we can make this happen in the next few months. i still have no signs of af showing up. The doc says the metformin will probably help that along in the next couple of weeks, and if it doesn't the hsg should. Any good news for any of you? Babydust!!!!


nikki - May 12

I am hoping for may too. Dh and I haven't been really trying but for two months. I really thought I was last month but it was just af trying to get back to normal after being on bcp for so long. I have started taking prenatal vitamins and extra folic acid. I started my opk's on cd 8 which I am Cd 10 now. It sounds like you have been trying a long time. I am sorry to hear that. I will wait with you if that's okay.


sqeekers - May 13

Welcome nikki, sorry it took so long to get back on here but it was a crazy week. It sounds like you are off to a good start, babydust!!!


Kelly11 - May 15

Morning girls! Sqeekers I have been on metformin since august of 2005 and it has definitely regulated my periods. I went from just crazy to 34/35 day and now I am down to 29 day cycles. It has been a wonder drug for me and I'm hoping that it is going to help us conceive. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow to talk to him about it and anything else we might need to do (i.e. clomid or any other testing) so I'll let you know what comes of that. I just really hope this happens for all of us very soona nd I am just really working hard now on trusting the Lord. I know that when it is right, it will happen...but man it's hard sometimes : )


sqeekers - May 22

Morning Ladies, I haven't been on in a while and wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.


Kelly11 - May 22

Hey girls...good to hear from you sqeekers...I actually have been stopping in a lot less too so it was perfect timing that you dropped in on our thread today! I went in to an RE last week and he told me everything looked good...he saw a 13mm follicle in my left ovary and my uterine lining was progressing well so he asked me to come back in today (monday) for another ultrasound. So my uterine lining he said looked excellent and my follicle was almost 20mm so they went ahead and gave me an hcg trigger shot to release the egg and so dh and I are "instructed" to get busy tonight and tomorrow : ) Nice huh? And then if two weeks from today I don't have my period, I have to go in for a blood test...so fingers crossed and lots of prayers that this is our cycle!!! So I guess I'm officially in the 2ww again!!! How are you doing?



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