Are Responses Only Important If They Are Relivent To Any Of

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appauled!!!!!!!!! - May 2

you???? Seems people asks questions looking for help and direction, and seems they are only answered if they are important enough to someone else!! I think that is so rude.. and I also think there needs to be some other site to go to where ALL people are created the same...


Rainbow - May 2

Hiya. O it's not nice when your questions go unanswered. You kind of feel low already and then on top of that it seems like the world doesn't care. You can always bump them up, or ask again. Personally, I answer if I think I can contribute - that is, if I think I can help because I know something about it. If I really have no idea at all, or would just be making a wild guess, then I best not write back. Someone else might have a much better answer. So, I think a lot of people pick the ones they can help out with (everybody picks because they can't answer them all.) I'm sure though that sometimes people do have to ask a couple of times, but not because someone doesn't care.


??? - May 2

Do you have a question then??


a - May 2

I had a post a few times that went unanswered.. so thanks anyway


Alex - May 2

Dear appauled. I am very sorry that your post has gone unanswered and that it took this rather harsh (yet understandably so) post to get a response. I am not making excuses for anyone, but some people may look at a question and if it sounds like one that's been asked before they may not respond on this basis, again I'm sorry that you are so appauled.


julee - May 2

Also, some people would prefer not to answer if they don't think they know the answer! We are not all experts here.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

I'm sorry you're so offended. Honestly, I have a limited amount of time to spend on here, so when I do have the time, I read and respond to what interests me. I don't understand what's wrong with that. It's my time to do with what I choose. Now that you have our attention, what was your question????


stacey - May 2

Honestly there is no reason to be so upset! It's actually a bit ridiculous! I have also asked questions that haven't been answered, but didn't go off on the site! As Tiffani~ and Rainbow nicely said, people look for what they are interested in or have info on. Sometimes I read posts, but don't know answers, or if it's something I don't have experience with I pa__s it up. There are other sites if you don't like this one.....People don't do it to be rude!


sm - May 2

Unanswered posts. It is a bit of a problem because the people that do regular answering often cop flack from other smart arses. Not from the one asking the question but the ones that suddenly know better after ignoring the posts and upon seeing the answer decide to go into attack mode because the answer does not match up to their ideas. The bump is a good idea, it means someone has read your post but is not sure how to answer so bumps it up for someone else to look at.


Listen!!! - May 2

We are not doctors, nurses, OBGYN, or any experts. If I had a answer for your question you would get an answer. I don't have one!! Be understanding !!!



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