Are These Little Girls Serious

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Sue - September 17

I think we need to get a new section to this forum to seperate out the little girls who think they are pregnant and are too young to be having unprotected s_x from the women who are truly trying to get pregnant are are ready to raise and nuture a new child into this world. I can not believe some of these girls, it breaks my heart to read how young and careless they are about having s_x!!!


to sue - September 17

i know how you feel...however the have been countless threads posted about this, and i feel like it is a never ending battle...and some of these young girls are truly curious about what is going on with their bodies, unfortunatly we arent really all that great about detecting who is serious, and who is just writing a post for laughs. i wish that i had more advice for you on this matter, but again, i really feel like it is a never ending battle. good luck to you! and lots of baby dust!


mg - September 17

Sorry to sound cynical, but it does explain why STDs are ragging through teens these days.


A - September 17

I don't know how we'll be able to stop them from posting. But I agree its absolutly rediculous.


mg - September 17

What really bites me, it seems like the people who have no business having a baby are the ones who can get pregnant quicker then mice. Maybe we can divert them to a QA section called irresponsible s_xual behavior questions. LOL


Agree......BUT - September 18

I agree its sad to see these young girls wanting a baby so young. whats even sadder is seeing how many women on here are getting pregnant or trying to get pregnant with their boyfriends. what happened to marriage first? you want to blame young girls for stds? well look at the women who aren't married and still spreading their legs. forget age, what happened to good old fashioned morals?


J - September 18

I agree too. Young girls are out having s_x with every guy they think is hot. So many of these girls have std's and don't even know it. When I was 16 (now 23) I had a friend who got pregnant just to be "cool". She was a lousy mom to her baby. She still went out and slept around. So sad, s_x isn't a joke.


mg - September 18

Any age women has the potential to be a good mother, but its ideal to be older becouse of the maturity level that comes with age. But there is NO excuse at any age for irresponsible s_xual behavior, heck protection is easier to buy then cold medicine these days. Its pretty bad that when my husband and I got married the Pastor just a__sumed we already had kids together, I guess that is becoming the norm these days.


to Agree.........But - September 18

I am not married, but I have a son. That does not mean I do not have morals. Everybody will not get married. I chose not to get married,because that is the way I want it to be. I am not getting married because that how people see it. There are men and women old and young who do not take care of their kids and there are some who do. Not because they are married, because they are responsible mature human beings and that can come in any age. I take care of my child and I thank God I can do that.


To j - September 18

Just to let you know i might be 16 but ive only ever been with one boy, so no im not a slag might be pregnanat but i dont sleep around and i dont have sti's!


mg - September 18

I respect both to agree and to J. First to agree: It is very hard to be a single mother, I know becouse my best friend is a single mother (she is the best mother!!) She will probley never get married, which is fine with her. ( she will admit) it is easier to raise a child with two parents, please dont freak out let me explain: My friend, she get tired VERY tired being the only parent its a 24-7 job alone, she doesnt have another person to tag into the ring when she is at witts end. On the other hand, just becouse your married that doesnt mean you will have a husband who will help with the kids at all, so I guess what I am trying to say it is easier to raise a child when you have a loving support system (could be your parents or a boyfriend), but even if you dont you still can be a great loving mother, which it sounds like you are. I think the frustration you both see on this forum, is not being directed towards people like you, but to towards people who are NOT s_xually responsible,(lets be honest you probley can think of a few off the top of your head.) I know countless girls who have several childern by several dead beat dads, who parents raise the childern. Or the 14 year old girl in the Er with her 4th STD. Look on this forum, how many girls are emailing in saying, my boyfriend and I are having unprotected s_x and I.,....So I guess my feeling in this long winded paragraph, is its NOT about morals it about taking personal responsibility. Thanks for putting a new perspective on this forum.


Agree - September 18

first let me say, i said nothing about single parents in general. a person can become a single parent even if a child was born inside of wedlock. I never said anything about how a single parent cares for their child. my point being is it morally wrong to have s_x outside of marriage at any age and yes many of you are going to get mad and try to justify that but most people do try to justify when they are wrong. there was not a problem with stds back when having s_x outside of marriage was "taboo". children having s_x (and yes i believe if your a teenager your still a child) is wrong. but what do you do when they have their moms, aunts, even grandma as examples? they see different ones having s_x with "the boyfriend of the month" and think its ok. Sorry girls but having s_x outside of marriage is NOT good morals.


MummyD - September 18

I think someone of 16 has the capacity to be a great mother depending on the person she is, how mature she is for her age etc just a woman in her 30's has the same capacity to be a bad mother. However my gut feeling is that 16 is too young to become a parent and would not advise any teenage girls to try and become pregnant-wait a few years first is the much better option. Parenthood is not something to be taken lightly it is a lifelong commitment to another human being who you have responsibility for. At the end of the day though unless someone is being a joker and poking fun-I feel anyone has the right to post here should they wish to. This is a forum for signs of pregnancy-if someone no matter who feels they need advice in this area they should be able to post here. If they are young girls I can only hope they have a supportive parent they can talk to first about their life and decisions BEFORE needing to post on here.


Not To Old To Forget - September 18

Even though I am 32 and want a second child, I do remember being 19 and having s_x, but praying that I did not get pregnant. In stead of having your heart break - spread a little s_x education to the young girls. I think that would be more helpful besides complaining.


to everyone - September 18

If you want a more mature group of ttcers then try the problems getting pregnant site. I have got a lot of info and the support system is great!!! very few immature teens trying to spoil things. To to old to forget. I understand where you are comming from. But this day and age there is little excuse to not use bc. It is out there and free to those who need it. For the rest of you: Most teen problems stem from poor parenting. Instead of bashing the teens. Feel sorry for them. They probably haven't had much of a home life and don't know any better.


V - September 18

Although I agree that it's sad that there are a lot of posters who are very young and unknowledgable, I think it's sadder that they don't have other sources they can turn to for information. While I don't always respond to those posts because they sometimes seem like they aren't for real, I do think we have somewhat of a responsibility to share our information with those who need it. (What would Jesus want us to do??!!) And speaking of being "moral", s_x outside of marriage is not immoral unless you are of some religious faith that condemns it and thus you believe it to be immoral. To just say, "s_x before marriage is immora at any agel" like it is some kind of Truth is just BS. I think there is already too little love in this world, and we really don't need people to be condemning others who are in relationships but just haven't gotten that piece of paper certifying Now You May Have S_x. Grrrrrrrrr. I started going out with my boyfriend at age 19 and we have been together now for 16 years. And we just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We got married not because we thought s_x before marriage was immoral (hell is a human construct designed to scare us into behaving correctly), but because we wanted our friends and family to help us celebrate our love. So, blanket statements about the so-called "truth" about the immorality of s_x before marriage really get to me. That's exactly the kind of close-minded religious zealotry that makes me very scared for the direction of this country. If you don't believe in s_x before marriage, fine, don't do it, but don't tell me that my behavior is morally wrong because it just isn't. Religion is fine if it gives comfort or strength to people, but when it is used to look down upon or oppress others with different beliefs, it leads to much suffering. If there is a God, I doubt that s/he would be pleased with that.


FYI - September 18

If you go to Q&A there is a section called Teen Pregnancy



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